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Home Health How To Get Rid Of Low Back Pain And Live A Pain-Free Life?

How To Get Rid Of Low Back Pain And Live A Pain-Free Life?

How To Get Rid Of Low Back Pain And Live A Pain-Free Life?

Is low back pain becoming an obstruction amidst your healthy way of life? Of course, we all do deserve a pain-free, healthful, and robust lifestyle. Sometimes we even go out of our way to get rid of the excruciating pain, and yet it remains even after doing the needful to get relief in the affected area.

Back Pain is the most common problem that arises amongst adults and, at times, teenagers.

People with lower back pain are also recommended to seek immediate consultation from doctors.

Low back pain is very common, and it usually develops due to some minor injury as well, but sometimes there is no particular or obvious cause for the back pain to descend. Lower back pain can also be the condition of an underlying medical condition.

The pain can diminish and appear at any time. It can also begin with a dull or slight ache to some severe and intense extent. In some people, the pain is chronic. Consult Denver Downtown urgent care for expert advice.

What are the causes of Back pain?

–          Sometimes due to the improper posture that we attain while sleeping.

–          Most times, it sets in with age due to the weakening of the back.

–          Rupture or bulging of spinal disks.

–          Arthritis

–          Back pain also results from kidney-related issues.

–          Osteoporosis

–          Abnormal curvature of the spine

–          Lower back pain also arises from sports injuries, improper movements, twisting awkwardly, or due to lifting something heavy.

How to cure Back pain?

Back pain can be cured after identifying the cause. Also, it depends upon the aggregation of pain that one is suffering with. The treatment options depend upon the severity of the pain of the injury. People with minor injuries can be treated at home with rest, ice bags, OTC pain relievers, and gentle stretching. Downtown urgent care is highly recommended for the victims of low back pain.

Some treatment options suggestions are as follows:

Medical treatment

Most Back pain heals within the duration of two to four weeks. At times few cases require surgery.


Under Physiotherapy, there are multiple ways by which low Back pain can be cured, which include-

(1) Stretching the joint past its current restricted range of motion to restore movement and reduce pain.

(2) Stretching exercise can help to get rid of the massive pain and can also improve muscle flexibility and physical functions.

(3) Another way to reduce the pain is Acupuncture, which includes the procedure of insertion of needles into specific points on the body to relieve pain and treat other conditions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

For people with such intense and chronic low Back pain, COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY (CBT) is a form of loquacious therapy or therapy which involves communication that helps people identify and develop skills to change negative thoughts and behaviors. It helps people develop better-coping strategies for the pain.

Medication that highly involves the application of gel on the affected area:

Medicated gels are highly recommended for the victims of low Back pain.

A few tips to manage lower back pain at home

Here are a few important tips that help you to manage lower back pain at home.

·        Make sure that you maintain a good posture. Maintaining a good posture is advised by the professionals. This helps release the pressure on the lower back. You can also make use of straps, stretchy bands, or tapes. This will help in keeping your backbone in alignment.

·        Take help of medicated creams. Oils, skin creams, salves, gels, patches, or ointments may help reduce the pain and the stiffness.

·        It is very much important to eat a healthy diet, which comprises Vitamins and Minerals.

·        One must not give in to stiffness and keep moving.

·        Stretch and strengthen.

·        Maintain a healthy weight. Losing extra weight will give you a pain-free life as it won’t give rise to lower back pain.

·        Quit smoking. Researchers are of the opinion that smokers are more highly inflicted with lower back pain or other spine problems than nonsmokers.


Low back pain, a term that is used to define the pain felt in the lower back portion of the body, can be very difficult and bothersome to continue living a healthy life. Back pain affects the movement and physical capabilities of a body, impacting every aspect of life.

Hence a lot of attention and care must be taken and followed, which includes the application of Medicated gels, use of ice bags, approaching physiotherapy, and consulting for proper medical aid. In order to receive some medical aid at home, one must rest amply and apply a gel prescribed by the doctors for acute pain relief. One must always seek medical help when the pain is severe and persistent. Contacting Denver Health Downtown urgent care is very much recommended for the victims of chronic low back pain.


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