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How to Replace a MacBook Air Battery

How to Replace a MacBook Air Battery
Replace a MacBook Air Battery

There are various reasons you would want a Macbook air battery replacement. Over time, any battery will lose its power, even if you take good care of it by regularly charging and discharging it. There may be other external factors that lead to sudden battery drainage. That will prevent you from using your Macbook Air normally and require you to keep an adapter on with you all the time just in case your battery dies during use. Still, there’s no need to worry about this happening if you know how to go for the MacBook Air battery properly.

Finding a replacement battery

The first step in replacing your battery is finding out which model of MacBook you have. You can find out by removing your Mac’s battery and looking at its markings. MacBook Airs use model numbers A1370, A1466, and A1465 (these last two are for 13-inch models), while older Macbook Pros use model numbers A1181, A1278, and so on. It’s possible to buy batteries for these other models from third-party sellers online; however, Apple has said that it may void your warranty if you do so. Your best bet is to call up an Apple Store directly and get official help there—and we recommend doing so because they tend to offer great customer service.

It’s also important to get your battery from an authorized reseller. Apple can tell if your battery is original or not, and it will refuse service for counterfeit products. If you buy your replacement battery from a third-party seller, make sure it comes with documentation on how it got made. Some sellers use modified parts that Apple has not certified as safe, and because of that, you could run into problems with your MacBook in terms of quality assurance. After getting a Macbook air battery replacement, follow these steps: 

1) Turn off your Macbook completely. 

2) Remove any peripherals attached to it (such as external keyboards). 

3) Press down on its keyboard—do not press down on any keys when doing so!

Removing your old battery

Before we start, remember that replacing your battery is at your own risk. The steps outlined below are intended for educational purposes only. If you don’t feel comfortable disassembling your MacBook, consider taking it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider for help. Before you get started, make sure you have everything on hand that you’ll need: a replacement battery purchased from Apple (they start at $129), a Phillips #00 screwdriver (use something else if not available), and a pair of pliers if you want to loosen any stubborn screws. To start removing your old battery, unscrew the 13 screws holding down your bottom case and remove them completely, along with their rubber covers.

After removing your old battery, it’s time to put in your new one. Place your MacBook on its side with a protective mat underneath and take off all its screws. To give yourself room for maneuvering, also take out any disk drives in your MacBook. Carefully pry up on your bottom case while trying not to damage it, as shown below:

After removing your old battery, it’s time to put in your new one. Place your MacBook on its side with a protective mat underneath and take off all its screws. To give yourself room for maneuvering, also take out any disk drives in your MacBook.

Installing your new battery

The first step is to turn off your computer. Then disconnect all peripheral devices, including external drives and accessories such as USB hubs and SD card readers. If you can’t plug them directly into your computer, they should be turned off. Disconnect power from your laptop by pressing down on both sides of its battery latch until it clicks in place, and set it aside while you work. If any screws hold your MacBook’s bottom case together, take them out using an appropriately sized Philips head screwdriver or a 1⁄4-inch nut driver.

The next step is to use your pry tool or spudger and remove all of these screws one at a time. The second you’ve removed them, remove your old battery by lifting it out and setting it aside. Take care not to touch any parts with your bare hands, as oils from the skin can damage its surface and capacitors on boards like its hard drive controller board. That would be extremely bad! It’s also important that you pay attention to how things are connected inside and oriented before you took them apart to put everything back together again later.

The next step is to disconnect the cables connecting both halves of your MacBook back together.

Check your options for getting extra juice.

When your MacBook’s battery life gets too low, you can check your options for getting extra juice. If you have an older MacBook and aren’t looking to invest in a new machine, but would rather squeeze out another few months of use before heading back to Apple, try replacing your current battery with a higher-capacity one. It’s not hard, and it won’t cost much either (as long as you shop around). But if you have an older computer that no longer functions properly, even with a brand-new battery installed, know that it might be time to upgrade.

Before you go shopping for Macbook air battery replacement:

  1. Note that if AppleCare still covers your MacBook or you have an extended warranty, you may be able to get your battery replaced for free.
  2. Check out Apple’s support page for more information on coverage limits and coverage periods.
  3. Be aware that non-Apple batteries aren’t necessarily compatible with your computer—while most batteries of any brand will work just fine in most cases; there are always exceptions. If a battery is designed to work with an older computer and not yours, it won’t charge properly or might not even power up at all.

Batteries lose their power after some time, and there’s no way around it. You can either keep buying new batteries or get them replaced with a new one. In the case of MacBook air, you are always safe with looking for Macbook air battery replacement as they are easy and reliable when it comes to working conditions.

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