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Intraoral Scanner Review: Medit Scanners

Intraoral Scanner Review: Medit Scanners

Intraoral scanners have been a major innovation in dentistry over the last decade. These scanners have become such because they evolve both the process and efficiencies of taking traditional impressions.

The Medit brand in particular is highly regarded as offering affordable and functional intraoral scanner models. Their intraoral scanners are often reviewed as easy to set up, lightweight, and simple to use. The fine-tipped scanner wand captures high-quality and accurate intraoral scans fast and easily as well.

If you are considering adding an intraoral scanner to your dental practice, here are some of the ways Medit stands out to clinicians we speak with.

Uses for Broad Range of Clinical Applications
Medit scanners appeal to a broad range of dental practitioners who are interested in upgrading their dental imaging technology. Their scanners are suitable for orthodontics as well as restorative dentistry because they capture accurate scans quickly and easily.


The Medit i500 scanner includes a variety of impressive and highly practical features. Let’s take a look at just some of the key features of the Medit i500 dental 3D scanner below:

Small tip: The tip of this scanner is small (19 x 15.2 mm), which provides ease of use for clinicians – even in hard-to-reach locations – and patients with increased comfort.

Lightweight: The Medit i500 intraoral scanner weighs less than 300 grams. This exceptionally low weight reduces operator fatigue and improves portability between dental operatories.

Single Button Control: With the single button located on the i500 scanner wand, you can easily and conveniently start, stop, and move to the next scanning area.

Accurate: When you need ultimate precision for your scans, the Medit i500 intraoral captures anatomically accurate images (less than 10 microns for a single arch and less than 100 microns for a full arch).

High Resolution: Scan necessary components of dental anatomy with this scanner and capture realistic, high-resolution scans, making diagnoses faster and more accurate. Easily distinguish between hard and soft tissue, undercuts, margin lines, and more. You can even use the scanner as an intraoral camera to capture intraoral photographs.

True Color: Capture true-color 3D scans for professional-quality results.

Scanning Technology: Capture video-based scans with the i500’s featured 3D-in-motion video technology.

Disinfection Method: Fully disinfect your scanner with ease and efficiency, especially when using our certified pre-owned options as they include autoclavable tips that can be autoclaved up to 50 times.

Open Architecture: The open architecture of this scanner allows for easy shareability with third-party programs or software. STL files captured by this scanner can be simply exported to your preferred lab, shared with referrals, sent to a 3D printer or milling machine, and more.

Powerful Software
Medit scanners include access to the cloud-based, robust Medit Link software for documentation and treatment planning. With this software, you can efficiently capture, plan, share, and store your intraoral scans more efficiently, leading to the ultimate workflow in your practice. Medit Link is also exceptional in its security and clinical data storage capabilities, allowing you to capture and share images with peace of mind.

The Medit Link software includes a full set of treatment planning tools, which allows for more effective patient communication, enhanced patient understanding, and improved treatment acceptance.

Medit is also one of the fastest companies to provide software upgrades, so when users require improved performance and new features, they can easily retrieve them through software upgrades.

Improved Workflow
Medit scanners have a portable laptop setup which makes them easy to set up and start scanning quickly. Regular calibration will ensure you have minimal downtime between scans as well because scans are completed swiftly (up to 1 minute per arch).

When you purchase a used Medit intraoral scanner from Renew Digital, in particular, your purchase is supported through remote training with a clinical expert, unlimited remote support, and a comprehensive repair and/or replacement warranty.

Find Greater Affordability by Choosing Certified Pre-Owned!
Renew Digital is a leading resource for dental professionals looking to save money on dental imaging technology with a wide range of certified pre-owned options from leading brands.

This includes Medit scanners, as well as panoramic/cephalometric X-ray machines and even CBCT systems. In addition to the scanner, every used Medit scanner purchased from Renew Digital includes a pre-configured laptop so you can “plug and play” to get up and running quickly! That means that you won’t have to shop around exhaustively for compatible hardware, operating systems, and other components; they have you covered. Not to mention, your equipment is protected under their comprehensive warranty.

When you purchase your scanner with Renew Digital, you’ll get the added advantage of saving up to 50% on new list prices, saving you a substantial amount of money you can allocate to other portions of your dental practice.

Contact a sales representative to learn more about certified pre-owned intraoral scanners, including Medit scanners. Their representatives have extensive experience working with dental and specialty practices to find them the right dental imaging equipment for their practice.

For more information 3d Cone Beam Dental and Orthopantomograph Op300 Please visit: Renew Digital, LLC.


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