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Know about Confined Space Working and Training

Know about Confined Space Working and Training

The welfare and security of your employees ought to come first. Confined space training gives those who operate in confined areas the knowledge they need to recognize potential dangers in their line of work and know how to minimise and manage them.

What is Confined Space?

Confined space is defined as: by Western Australia’s Occupational Safety and Health Regulations and AS2865:2009.

  • A room that is enclosed or partially enclosed, not primarily intended or built for human habitation, and where there is a chance of one or more of the following:
  • Level of oxygen that is higher than what is considered safe.
  • Quantity of an airborne contaminant that can impair, knock someone out, or make them suffocate.
  • Getting engulfed in a liquid that is rising or a solid that is stored and free to flow, could result in drowning or asphyxia.

Confined spaces include the following:

  • storage tanks
  • Boilers
  • tunnels
  • tank cars
  • pressure vessel
  • Vats
  • sewers
  • other tank-like compartments
  • shafts
  • pipe

Due to the dangers, training in firefighting, emergency procedures, confined space rescue, gas detection, and breathing apparatus is crucial.

Do I require training to work in confined spaces?

Examining an aircraft’s fuel tank or directing the removal of a sludge obstruction from a drain pit? You must legally complete confined space training if you work in any of the settings described above as confined spaces. Employees, managers, and anybody else working in a confined space, even if they do not actually enter one, must be aware of the risks and safety precautions involved.

In relation to work done in a confined space, it is the employer, principal contractor, employee, or self-employed person’s duty to see that the requirements of Australian Standard 2865 are followed. They need to guarantee that employees who are operating in or close to a confined space have the necessary training. The OSH Regulations’ sections 1.15 and 1.16 outline the consequences for non-compliance.

Confined space training and refresher courses

Study in an Australian-owned safety training company that provides a wide range of nationally recognized workplace health and safety training courses, including confined space training. The course should aim to teach students about hazard identification, safe work procedures, and entry/exit procedures.

Get low-cost training modules that can be customised to meet the specialised needs of the workplace and  cover all aspects of the OSH Regulations confined space training requirements. The training program is also appropriate for those who work as entry or standby personnel.

Expiration of certification

There is no time limit on the validity of confined space certification. However, re-training or refresher training should be offered every two years depending on how frequently work involving confined spaces is conducted. This ensures that everyone is knowledgeable and emphasises the need to adhere to OSH Regulations.

Contact today to learn more about how our confined space training or height safety training which is designed to aid in the development of an understanding of the characteristics, hazards, and legislative requirements required to operate safely in a confined space.


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