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Kratom Wobbles: What Causes Them & How to Avoid Them?

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One of the most dreaded side effects of taking kratom is kratom wobbles or eye wobbles. Medically, it is known as Oscillopsia. It is characterized by an uncomfortable situation of the eyes wherein eye muscles twitch involuntarily and continuously, making it hard for you to focus on anything. 

The condition can lead to brain fog, nausea, vomiting, headaches, motion sickness, and dizziness. It can make it tougher for you to carry out normal daily tasks. Driving is out of the question. 

Before you buy kratom in Pennsylvania, please know about this unpleasant side effect of kratom so that you can avoid it. 

What causes kratom wobbles? 
Taking kratom in higher than recommended doses causes kratom wobbles. 

Oscillopsia is a medical condition. It has numerous causes. But when somebody gets it after using kratom, it is referred to as kratom wobbles because it is caused by this herb. 

No wonder experts scream on top of their voices to take kratom powder or capsules in low doses and never go beyond the recommended high dose. 

In some people, even doses within the recommended range can cause wobbles. In this case, please stick to a low dose only, preferably less than 5 grams. 

When using kratom you mustn’t do what others are doing. Listen to your body and do what suits you. Always buy from licensed vendors. Search “kratom near me.” 

What strains are more likely to cause wobbles? 
The following strains are more likely to give you this uncomfortable side effect: 
Bali kratom has the most likelihood to cause wobbles. So take this one carefully. 
Maeng Da kratom has a medium chance of causing wobbles. 
Indo kratom also has a medium chance. 
Thai kratom has a low likelihood of creating eye wobbles. 
Borneo kratom is least likely to cause wobbles. 

Kratom, overall, is a beneficial herb. Side effects happen only when you take it irresponsibly. 

If you are a beginner and want to stay away from wobble-causing strains, you may try strains like Malay or a gold vein. Why not try Gold Vein Kratom Powder

How to deal with kratom wobbles? 
There’s not much you can do when your eyes twitch involuntarily. Simply wait until your body metabolizes kratom and your system gets cleaned of it. Then, take a kratom break. 

Meanwhile, drink lots of water. 

Here are a few tips followed by users to deal with wobbles: 
Drinking lots of fluids like fruit juices, carbonated drinks, or plain water
Eating a heavy meal, which helps the body metabolize kratom faster
Taking activated charcoal, which flushes out kratom from your system
Consulting a doctor for some medication for this condition

Sleeping does not treat this condition. Your eyes become normal only when kratom gets flushed out from your system. Until it’s there, you must deal with wobbles. 

How to prevent wobbles?
Take kratom in low doses, whether taking kratom for energy or sleep. Never overdose. This is the only way to prevent wobbles because this condition happens ONLY when people overdose on the herb. 


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