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Let’s take a ride with the best Destination Management Company


We are an organization that is constantly evolving and has the ability to function as one of the top Destination Management Companies in Dubai. Captain Dunes Tourism has proven itself to be a competent company. We are able to arrange and manage events of any complexity. We offer a broad range of administrative services to members and coordinators for gatherings, workshops and presentations.

Dubai’s best Destination Management Company

We can only prosper if we are faithful and make progress towards perfectionism. This seems like a journey to new ideas and opportunities in this ever-changing field of competition. It takes extensive and detailed knowledge of the area, cutting-edge innovations and groups of experienced professionals to sort out exceptional business opportunities. We are proud to be able to offer our expertise and reliable support for the best destination manager company in Dubai. You have access to highly-qualified and experienced experts through our extensive network of services.


We can help you find and book the best lodgings at the most affordable rates and in the most convenient areas to meet your needs, budget, and status as your agents. We work with lodgings in areas that are convenient for getting around the city. Another reason to book us in Dubai’s destination management agencies is that we are always located in areas that make it easy for you to get around the city.


We would describe our quality as a refined skill, even if we are the best destination manager company in Dubai. Our job is to organize your event, provide the best possible comfort for your family, satisfy all your needs, and listen to your thoughts.


It is possible to imagine that Dubai’s desert would be hotter than the city at night. This is not the case. Many people don’t realize that, despite the fact that Dubai Tour can be enjoyed in the middle of the night in summer, the desert is much cooler than the city. The desert temperature starts to drop rapidly around two hours before the Arabian Nightfalls. It could be 7-10 degrees cooler than the coast and city. This is due to the sand.

and Much More…

Tourists will prefer Dubai to visit during the cooler winter months. With the right data and arrangements, late spring can still be a great season to visit. Our destination management firm in Dubai will take you on a tour of the desert. You can also feel the breeze blowing in your hair if you are not accompanied by vintage land wanderers.

Book your trip today!

We won’t let desert safari pass you by if we are your destination manager company in Dubai. We are the best destination manager company in Dubai. For more information on the best holiday packages, visit our website


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