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Life of Alain Souchon

Life of Alain Souchon

Alan devoted himself more and more to writing the poems and texts he loved during boarding school. When he was a dreamer, his mother decided to send him to a French college in England. He did not report due to registration issues, but remained in London, where he worked in a pub. Helped her out of her head this time in London. When he returned to France, he picked up the guitar and composed several songs. It became a passion. He lived in squats while practicing, but nothing came out of them. He listened with admiration to all the great English and American singers of the time, which influenced him as well.

In 1969, he met his future wife

 François, and they married in 1970. That year, their son Pierre was born. He sang in the cabarets and bars of the Rive Gauche, the literary and intellectual district of Paris. She made very little money, but he encouraged her to persevere. Finally, in 1971, he signed his first contract with the record label Pathé-Marcon, but he still had no success.

The year 1973 marked the end of the young singer’s labors. He became acquainted with RCA artistic director Bob Sockett, who was keenly interested in the repertoire of the disillusioned Alain Souchon. Bob Sockett had just written “L’Amore 1930” for a romantic Italian singer, but he encouraged Ellen to sing the song at the Rose d’Or in Antibes. This was his first success.

Then Alain met Laurent Voulzi

A young composer born in 1948 and raised in Anglo-Saxon music whose career had not yet taken off. The relationship between these two singers picked up speed immediately. Their personalities complemented each other and their work improved rapidly. Ellen was strong on words, while Vaulzi stood for the music. He cut his first album in 1974 called “J’ai 10 ans”, which emphasized Souchon’s elegant style and Woolzy’s modernity. After several years in the cabaret scene, Alain Souchon is finally recognized for his talent, and in 1975 he edited another album called “Biden,” for which Woolzy wrote all the music. It was a great success. He continued to be successful in 1977 with the Jamais album material. The song “Allo Maman Bobo” is a title for his style of masculine delicacy, which the singer confirms. Another song, “Paulailer’s Song,” evokes racist humor. Despite being an incorrigible dreamer, Souchon liked to deal with certain issues.

Souchon and Voulzy’s co-writing

Also benefited Laurent Voulzy, who in 1977 achieved the success of “RockCollection” in collaboration with Souchon. The two men isolated themselves in Brittany for several weeks to write the new album. They worked well together and in 1978 Alain Souchon released another album, “스포츠토토 사이트 30 NS”. This album is darker than usual, but still very well received by the public. The singles “Le Bagdad de Lain Bihouette” and “Papa Mambo” are great successes. The record also marks Alain Souchon’s first steps into cinema, when film director Francois Truffaut commissions him to write the title track of his film L’Amour en fuite

In 1978, Ellen’s second son, Charles, was born. Several months later, in January 1980, Ellen is invited to sing at L’Olympia, a true triumph. In November they returned for nine nights, with Larant Woolzy joining them to sing two new songs.

In 1980, the album “Reme”

was released, featuring Alain Souchon’s old friend Michel Jonas singing the title song “Jonas” with him. Since 1974, the two artists regularly wrote together and shared the same vision. This year, he also sees his first meal in his acting career in the movie “Je Vous Aime.” Along with Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu and Serge Gainsbourg, Alain Souchon plays a fragile and melancholy person. His acting work is so appreciated that Jean-Paul Rapeneau then invited him to star in the film “Tout Feu Tout Flame” with Isabel Edzani and Yves Montand. The film is a success, but it is in the 1983 film “L’Eté Meurtrier” in which he plays a character deadly in love with Isabel Adjani that brings him true fame.

He had stopped writing during his time in film, but returned to singing in 1983 with the “On Awesome” album, which was a bit different from his others, and got his friends to write more songs. “On Est Sea Beau” with Michelle Jonas, “Les Papas des Babes” with Louis Chedid and “Casablanca” with David McNeil. With Volley was written only the very beautiful “Saute en l’Air.” From September 20 he played at L’Olympia and then went on tour around the country.

In late 1984, Souchon and Woulzy wrote the album “C’est comme vous vous voulez” split between Brittany and St. Tropez, which was released in 1985. Meanwhile, Alain Souchon left RCA for Virgin. At age 40, Souchon’s music became less melancholy, as the title “J’veux de cuir” indicates. But the tenderness remained primarily in his work, as you can see


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