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List of Best Math Apps for Students to solve all Problems

List of Best Math Apps for Students to solve all Problems

Do you wish for your children an interest in mathematics? Addition and subtraction will no longer be a chore for your kids if they can learn the material through visuals and play. Math problems that are challenging to tackle on your own may be easily mastered with the help of a mobile app.

Many useful math apps are available to pique kids’ interest in the subject. However, we have selected the greatest math applications based on their low prices, compatibility with other apps, and ease of use.

Over 40 million children worldwide enjoy SplashLearn’s game-based learning platform, which is designed for students in grades PreK-5. It’s a terrific method to help your kid learn while having a good time, with more than 4,000 engaging activities to choose from.

The app will include more than 400 learning activities, including reading and math lessons, books, and more. Give your kids a head start in math with the help of SplashLearn.

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99math will take your children on thrilling experiences in mathematics. Using this software, you may instruct your children on the fundamentals of arithmetic, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

It’s designed to help first- through third-graders with some basic arithmetic. Timetables, maximums, and other limits can be more easily accommodated.


DoodleMath can be thought of as a virtual math tutor. Using a technique called “adaptive learning,” the app’s arithmetic courses are tailored to each user’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Parents can monitor their child’s progress and achievements in real time via a dashboard. DoodleMath is compatible with both the US and UK Common Core Standards.

Rocket Math

This is an all-inclusive math program that teaches children the four basic arithmetic operations and provides practice problems for each. There are a total of 91 trophies to earn across the game’s 26 stages, with names like “take-off,” “the universe,” and “orbit.”

If a student takes more than three seconds to respond to an arithmetic question, Mission Control will provide them with the solution. Next, the young people must demonstrate their understanding. The portal allows educators to create classes and purchase student seating.


Buzzmath is a useful resource for pupils in the intermediate grades. The app’s backstory really ups the tension. Using this app, students can learn about historical mathematicians and refresh their memories of key concepts necessary to save Mathlantis.

Twelve a Dozen

Playing the number game “Twelve a Dozen” is great entertainment. Various components of this game support the development of literacy, numeracy, and scientific literacy in young players.

She has set out to save her loved ones and the planet Dozenopolis from the clutches of the evil Ultimate Prime. This program will let youngsters see how arithmetic is used in the real world.

Operation Math

Players take on the role of spies while practicing math. You must embark on a quest to vanquish Mr. Odd in this game. You need to be good at arithmetic to have a chance at winning the game.

Out of a total of 105 questions, you can pick and choose whatever mathematical concepts and procedures to use. The game also includes arithmetic tables to assist players improve their skills more quickly.


Math is now accessible, engaging, and thought-provoking thanks to math apps like 99math for smartphones. Students can now use games to practice their skills in resolving complex mathematical issues. Furthermore, instructors may easily monitor student progress using apps. 


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