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 Makes Traditions Around it; Mother’s Day is Surely One


Countries, cultures, castes, people, religion, customs, and religion, the world is full of diversity of all kinds. Still, there is something that binds the world into one, and it’s the festivals, it’s the celebration, and it’s the similarity of the feeling shared by the whole world on the same day, at the same time. Birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, baby-showers, farewells, etc., are more particular occasions of celebration. Still, days like valentine’s day, the new year, and mother’s day are all celebrated with the same intensity of emotions and excitement worldwide. It’s like the entire world is painted in the same hue these days. People celebrate love, compassion, togetherness, and happiness on these days. Though every household has a different way of celebrating these days, the feeling is the same. They make sure that they forward their legacy of celebration to their future generation, which later becomes a tradition of an entire country slowly and gradually. That’s what makes it even more fun. People celebrate the same day in their unique ways and display the most beautiful version of diversity. 

Let’s start with flowers, no matter where in the world, people do include flowers to celebrate these special days. People even get flowers delivered worldwide, from online flower delivery in India to online flower delivery abroad. Online delivery services have made celebrations even more convenient and easy to handle. You can parcel your love and care wrapped in a bouquet of pretty flowers, in a box of cake, and gifts. All you have to do is select, pay, and send, and the person will receive your greetings right on their doorsteps. How great is that?!

Let’s be mother’s day centric today because that is one of the most underrated days of celebration. Though it’s still as special, it has been forever. Send mother’s day flowers, or send mother’s day cakes, shower your mother with gifts, or take her out, there’s a lot that’s been done to appreciate and express your love for your mother, but there are a few mother’s day traditions that are followed in different countries, they might act as ideas for giving your mommy a mother’s day surprise. Take a note:

  1. The UK Cake: People in the United Kingdom celebrate mother’s day in a subtler and family-centric way. On mother’s day, the children of the house get gift cards for their mother. They either buy them from the shops or make them themselves and give them a lot of flowers. Mostly, mother’s day in the UK revolves around lip-smacking food; children of the house make sure to bake the famous Simnel cake for their mothers, which the entire family enjoys, they wake up their mothers with delicious breakfast in bed, and the entire day goes on by cooking pancakes and other tasty treats.  
  1. Ideal Italy: Mothers are considered the most important part of the family in Italy. All through the year, she is given all the importance in all the ways, but on mother’s day, she is pampered. Even more, she is spoilt on mother’s day by her kids and the entire family. The family often showers the mother with gifts, gives her fresh flowers, mostly roses, and writes handwritten love letters and poetry for her. It’s a tradition to help the mothers with the household chores on mother’s Day, baking a heart-shaped cake for her at home.  
  1. The French Flower: It’s been a tradition in France since ages to gift the mother a flower bouquet-shaped cake and various medals for her achievements as a strong woman by the entire family. Even today, French people do get flower bouquet-shaped cakes for their mothers and have a fun session at home where all the family members present her a gold medal for all the amazing things she does as the lady of the house, as a wife, and as a mother. Later, the family gets together and has dinner. Not only this, though, the kids of the house often present the mother with jewelry, perfumes, chocolates, and flowers.  
  1. The German Gesture: Surprise visits by a mother’s children are a tradition in Germany. Yes, it is. Another wonderful tradition is that the family’s children gift their mother travel tickets to her favorite place, wherever she wants to go. They even book her stay for 2-3 days or more. Germans do this today as well. Children also present gifts, flowers, chocolates, and cards to their mothers. The family even cooks for the mother, and at the end of the day, they sit together and spend quality time during dinner.  

These practices in history became traditions today because the people of the entire world love them. They are amazing ideas to celebrate mother’s day in different ways. Though there are a lot more mother’s day traditions that are followed all around the world, these seem to top the charts. You can celebrate mother’s day in any way you want because you have all the love for her, but these ideas are sure to add a spoonful of more fun to the day for you, the family, and most importantly, your mother.  


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