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Home Health Medical Group Malaysia comes up tops at Healthcare Asia Awards 2021

Medical Group Malaysia comes up tops at Healthcare Asia Awards 2021


Medical Group Malaysia once again stands out among other healthcare leaders with two wins at the Healthcare Asia Awards 2021. The two accolades are Primary Care Provider of the Year and Covid Management Initiative of the Year.

By striving to deliver highly accessible medical services while sustaining quality healthcare, Medical Group Malaysia remains steadfast in providing quality primary healthcare to communities across the Asia Pacific. This commitment was further reinforced during the Covid-19 outbreak that reached pandemic proportions in March 2020.

Acutely aware of their responsibility to carry their frontline role through their wide network of GP clinics across Malaysia, where communities have come to rely on its doctors and healthcare staff to provide reliable diagnosis and treatment, we took the initiative not just play its part, but to lead the country in their Covid-19 testing.

When there is a communicable disease outbreak, the definitive response is for testing to begin early. This leads to quick identification of cases, rapid treatment of patients and immediate isolation to prevent its spread. Testing also plays a major part in the bigger picture of public health — in mitigation efforts, helping investigators characterise the prevalence, spread and contagiousness of the disease. Ultimately, testing reduces the enormous burden on public and private clinical facilities in treating positive cases.

Due to its decades-long role as a healthcare company, Medical Group was able to immediately strengthen its existing facilities within its network, upscaling quickly to cope with the pandemic, including being able to access adequate testing kits, laboratory time and by deploying doctors, nurses and auxiliary medical teams across the nation.

One such effort by us was the Ministry of Health sanctioned home sampling that began as early as March 2020, even as the rest of the world was still trying to figure out the best way to deal with the pandemic. With the success of home sampling came the need to test on a larger scale. As the demand for testing rose, we embarked on programmes to empower more healthcare staff. One such programme was the ‘Earn As You Learn’ programme where we trained fresh medical school graduates to assist in the COVID-19 testing team as part of their on-the-ground training.

Milestones were achieved when COVID-19 screening was carried out for various industries such as construction, manufacturing, information technology and FMCG. The massive on-site testing once again demonstrated the agility and efficiency of Medical Group Malaysia, key elements in tackling a public health crisis. Furthermore, Medical Group Malaysia’ southern team went the distance as they took on the task of carrying out testing for personnel in offshore vessels.

Medical Group Malaysia has always been at the forefront of quality global healthcare, a commitment it will continue to make through accessible healthcare for everyone via 250 medical centres across South East Asia and the Asia Pacific.


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