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One App For All 72 Plus On-Demand Services

One App For All 72 Plus On-Demand Services

It was only a few days ago that people used to download ten different apps to book at-home beauty services, get handyman services, etc. However, the time has changed and so has technology. Presently, customers only need to download and install the Gojek clone – Super Service App. This app is nothing but a super app that has more than 72 on-demand services to offer.  

The Super Service App offers on-demand services that the users can enjoy booking right from the comfort of their homes. Besides booking them online, the users can also pay for the services through the app wallet and credit cards. 


On-demand services 

These services are available for booking at any hour of the day. Suppose you want to go to a party at 06:30 p.m. and need to book a make-up artist who could come to your home and work their magic. It’s already 03:14 p.m.! Don’t panic. Simply open up the Gojek clone app and go to the beauticians on-demand. Select ‘Make-up’ from the subcategory. You’ll see a long list of beauticians who are near your home and available at the moment to accept the request.  

You can check their profiles for their years of experience, ratings, reviews, and even photos of their past work. All this will help you make a better decision! Based on your comparison, select the beautician you like the most, add their services, and go to the checkout page. On the checkout page, you’ll find the option ‘at user’s location’. Click on the option and move to the payment option! 

gojek clone app

That’s how you can simply book a provider’s service anytime and anywhere! Well, not just beauticians, your customers can book many services. Listed here are only a handful of the services available on the Gojek clone. 

  • Masseuse 
  • Car washer 
  • Dog walkers
  • Photographer 
  • Road assistance 
  • Maids 
  • Mechanics 
  • Spa therapists 
  • Doctors
  • Party cleaners 

Online video consultation 

It is one of the best services that people can bring to use. So, whenever you need advice from professionals, simply book an online video consultation. This service can be done anywhere unless you have a bad internet connection! Professionals with which your customers can arrange a video call are:

  • Doctors
  • Tutors
  • Lawyers
  • Astrologers
  • Yoga Instructors 
  • Fitness trainers

Service bidding with handyman 

In this service, your customers will be able to virtually negotiate the service charged with the handymen they want to hire! For instance, if your customer wants to get their toilet and kitchen pipes cleaned, or get a wooden bed repaired, the users can simply post a task on the Gojek clone – SuperX SP app. The handymen with whom the negotiation can be done are: 

  • Carpenter 
  • Electrician
  • Plumber 
  • Home painter 
  • Home cleaners 

The services are not limited by anything. So, if the entrepreneur wants to offer any on-demand service provider services which aren’t mentioned in the list, then they can get it integrated into the app!

Besides just the humongous range of services, you users can also enjoy the ease and comfort of experiencing them with a wide range of Gojek clone app features! To give you a glimpse of what these features are, mentioned here are only a good few of them: 

  • Login with social media 
  • Choose local providers 
  • Book multiple services 
  • Real-time GPS tracking 
  • Schedule the services and many more! 


Get all the 72+ on-demand services integrated into your Gojek clone – the SuperX SP app if you want to be the sole owner of the most unique app of all time! Earn commission from every service that is booked, accepted and completed via your app. Eventually, you’ll become the quickest millionaire! 

Excited to know more about the app? 

Call the experts today and start the free trial of the demo apps! 


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