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PG and VG in Vape Juice: A High-Level View

PG and VG in Vape Juice: A High-Level View

The vast majority of vape juices contain a combination of PG, VG, flavorings, and nicotine. It’s self-explanatory why the latter two are included, but what about the former?

Since they are nearly ubiquitous and almost all vape juice blends contain them, it warrants an overview. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are PG and VG and How Are They Used?
The first of these two ingredients is PG, or propylene glycol, a “sugar alcohol” that is a thin, odorless and flavorless liquid that is included primarily to carry flavor in an e-liquid.

PG is apparently more effective at carrying flavor than VG, so PG-heavy blends are said to be more robust and flavorful. In addition, PG delivers a stronger, coarser throat hit that some vapers prefer, especially those transitioning from smoking.

Like PG, VG is another liquid used to suspend flavors and nicotine in vape juice. However, VG is derived from vegetable oil and stands for vegetable glycerin. While it is odorless, it has a slightly sweet flavor and is more viscous than PG.

Vegetable glycerin is not generally considered as effective at carrying nicotine or flavors as PG is, which some consider a disadvantage. However, VG does provide a smoother throat hit than PG, which some vapers appreciate. Hits off a VG-heavy blend are generally smoother than those off of PG-heavy blends.

As a result of these comparative advantages, both of these liquids are used to suspend nicotine and carry flavors in vape liquids. They also both vaporize when heat is applied to them which makes them perfect for this application.

While there are some PG and VG-only vape juices on the market, the vast majority of them contain both of these vaping constituents in a balance, which is often prominently marked on the vape blend as a ratio.

High-PG blends offer powerful flavors and a more intense throat hit, and high-VG blends offer a smoother experience. In addition to PG and VG content, you should also pay close attention to nicotine content as well, as this will impact how much room there is in the blend for flavor.

Looking for a Mint Disposable Vape Pod with No Nicotine?
On the topic of nicotine, VG, and PG, there is one supplier you should take a look at if you are interested in mint disposable vape pods that have no nicotine – Cyclone Pods.

The reason has as much to do with what is not in their mint disposable vape pods as what is in them. Chiefly, the only ingredients you’ll find in their blends are VG, PG, and some natural and artificial flavorings – that’s it.

This is good news for more reasons than the obvious. Of course, those interesting in continuing vaping in a manner that is free from the risks carried by nicotine will appreciate this, as will those in search of a suitable smoking cessation product.

Beyond that, the lack of nicotine in the disposable pods that their Thunder Vape Device pods or in their Gust Disposable Vape Pens means that there’s more room in the blend for flavoring. The less nicotine there is, the more powerful the flavor.

Cyclone Pods also makes all of their vape juices – not just their cool mint flavour – in the United States and leaves out some of the potentially harmful additives that have caused controversy in the vaping world in recent years. As stated, they contain only VG, PG, and some flavorings. This means they don’t contain additives such as diacetyl, which is implicated in popcorn lung, or vitamin E acetate, which can cause or exacerbate bronchiolitis obliterans.

The takeaway here is that the vaping experience can actually be improved by removing nicotine and achieving the perfect blend of PG and VG – which you’ll find in the vape juices and pods online at

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