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Popularity As A Texas Hold’em Sport

Popularity As A Texas Hold’em Sport
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​Due to the nature of the Texas Hold’em rule itself, it is very popular as a mind sport because there is a lot of public information and it requires strategic and computational brain use based on it. Several world-famous competitions, such as WSOP, WPT, and EPT, wager prizes of tens of billions of dollars each. Of course, the prize money is made by collecting participation fees paid by players.

The tournament is conducted in the form of a tournament, but it uses a unique method rather than a single-elimination tournament that is commonly thought of when thinking of tournaments. The person who falls second to the runner-up is ranked third in the order in which the person fell. In other words, the chip ranking during the game is not very important unless the number of live players decreases. This is because, when the number of live players decreases, your security rank rises and your security prize money increases at the same time. So, in hold’em tournaments, it is more important to keep the chips than to get them, so it is often the case that you fold even when the probability of winning is more than 50%.

온라인홀덤 tournaments have high strategy and skill as a sport in that you have to change the play method depending on the progress of the tournament and various situations such as your chips.

It is a sport that requires mental management skills as well.

In 2003, in the main event of the World Series Of Poker (WSOP), the most prestigious and largest tournament in the poker world, an amateur contestant named Chris Moneymaker won the championship and took home $2.5 million. After its appearance spread across the United States and the world through ESPN, Texas hold’em poker boomed around the world. The profession of a professional poker player has also been re-evaluated, and since then the number of people playing poker has exploded around the world. Since then, a number of famous major events (eg WPT, APPT, etc.) have also become popular. Also, in non-tournament cash games, TV series called High Stakes Poker and Poker after Dark are famous, which are broadcast by opening a very high cash game table made up of pros and wealthy amateurs.

 Both programs continued until season

Since most professional tournaments operate as a fair system in which players start with an equal amount of tournament chips, compete, and then divide the prize money according to their ranking, everything is completely different from a cash game where you bet with cash. To put it simply, in a cash game, the chip in front of you is your money, but in the case of a tournament, the chips for the tournament are not valuable by themselves, and you can play strategically according to the expected value of the prize you can receive with this. The way it works is also very different. For example, in bubble time with 1 or 2 money-ins remaining, even if a good hand such as KK QQ JJ AK comes in, there is a possibility of being eliminated after winning a game.

Currently, in many countries, there is a trend and culture that recognizes and recognizes professional poker players as a profession. Poker is a mindset that can be profitable in the long run if it is performed with long study, strategic research, and excellent mind management recognized as a sport. Of course, less than 10% of players make a profit in the long run, and among them, only 2% of players can make a profit in their lifetime. In fact, there are few countries in the world that do not recognize poker as a sport. Since 2015, China has also recognized poker as a professional player, making Korea the only country in Asia where poker is not a sport.

However, hold’em tournaments have a fairly high barrier to entry.

 In almost all competitions, the prize money is raised by collecting the participation fee from the players, so if you participate with insufficient skills, you may drop out and end up with only the participation fee. And as the second half progresses, the basic stake of ante or small/big blind increases, so the difficulty to survive in the tournament increases even more.

Nevertheless, the fact that poker tournaments are held all over the world and that millions of people participate in the tournament even if they have to pay a high entry fee speaks to how popular Texas hold’em is around the world. Even as you are reading this right now, there are tournaments going on all over the world, offline and online, in countless places!

​On the online hold’em site, even amateurs can enjoy it comfortably within-game chips.


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