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Prepare Your Car Yourself And Save Money!

Prepare Your Car Yourself And Save Money!
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It can be expensive to get your car ready – and then there are probably places anyway – you wish they had focused a little more on.

So why not do it yourself instead?

In this article, we focus on products you can Klargøring af bil with – and make it look like a professional will!

The recommended products are enough for a lot of treatments – then the neighbor’s car must also have a ride – or if you have several cars that you also want to shine like new – there is plenty of opportunity for this.

What does a car preparation contain?

Typically, a preparation will include cleaning the inside and outside, as well as a “polishing” of the varnish.

In detail it will say:

  • Cleaning and vacuuming the car
  • Cleaning of instrument panel, LCD screens, vinyl, seats, door sides and windows
  • Removal of tar on the car exterior
  • Removal of aircraft rust on the outside
  • Cleaning of rims
  • Wash the whole car
  • “Polishing” of the car, for extra shine and paint seal

It can immediately seem like many steps – but you should be able to complete it in a few hours – depending on the desired result and how dirty the car is.

Cleaning and vacuuming

Get cleaned out of things that should not be in the car and get vacuumed and knocked mats so that it is as clean as possible. If you have a lot of animal hair – then read this guide to removing dog hair.

Cleaning of instrument panel, LCD screens, vinyl, seats, door sides and windows

The inner part is often the most overlooked. Whether it is a sales preparation or just a preparation for “yourself” – it is inside the car that we spend the most time and therefore also this part that should be given the highest priority!

Common to all interior cleaning is that we can be satisfied with one product and microfiber cloths.

The product is Soft99 Wash Mist interior cleaner

In short, just spray the product on the microfiber towel and then dry on all areas of the car.

Watch the video below for how to use the product in detail.

You can consider a brush to get deeper (especially when cleaning seats, leather and hard plastic) – but it is not strictly necessary:

If you have particularly dirty seats – read this guide to the seat cleaner.

Exterior preparation and cleaning

Externally, there are a few more steps we have to go through:

Let’s take a look at it:

Removal of tar on the car exterior

This is not strictly necessary – because it is not certain that you are affected by asphalt stains / tar on the car. But if you have small black spots on the paint, then it is Spar-Tar that you need to spray on the paint and then rinse after.

Removing fly rust and cleaning the rims

To clean rims and to remove fly rust, use Auto Glanz Blood Tonic. Spray the product on the paint and on the rims and let it work for as long as possible – without it drying in – typically 5 minutes. Your paint and rims will turn completely red due to the reaction with metal – which is perfectly normal.

Then you have chemically cleaned your varnish of sediment.

Wash the car with car shampoo

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

Without this article becoming an article on how to wash your car – you can in a simple version, settle for a few buckets (one with clean water, one with auto shampoo mixture), a washing hand and a microfiber towel to get the car washed.

Auto Glanz Pure is used as car shampoo.

If you want to know more about the process of washing – then read this article on car washing by hand.

“Polishing” the car

The reason we have polishing in quotation marks – is that it is not a “real” polishing, with removal of scratches in several steps, covering, preparation of the varnish for varnish protection, use of polishing machines and so on.

This polishing – is a quick varnish seal, where we also reduce / hide defects in the varnish.

We can do this with Supernova and applicator for polishing.

Do it – that after washing and drying the car you get a little supernova on an applicator and then drive in vertical and horizontal movements in fields of approx. 40x40cm. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes and wipe off any residue with a microfiber cloth.

You are left with a varnish with significantly more depth, and scratches that are less visible. As a bonus, you have received a short-term paint protection of approx. Two months.

Enjoy the result

Now you have a sales preparation that is perhaps better than if you had done it out in the city – and you yourself have been able to focus on areas that you think are necessary to focus on. If the car is to be sold – aka sales preparation – you will now probably be able to get a higher price for your car money


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