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Reasons to work hard for government exams

Reasons to work hard for government exams

You might have seen that a myriad of people keeps their noses on the grindstone to prepare efficiently for the government exam. They are eager to get a government job of their choice. Well, have you ever thought about what made them work hard for these arduous exams? You might have questioned yourself about the same but didn’t get the right answer. Don’t worry! We are here to provide you with the right answer. 

In this article, we have jotted down a few reasons that persuade youngsters in India to work laboriously for the government exams. We bet that these reasons will encourage you as well to put onerous efforts into government exam preparation. After reading this article, you will surely make a decision to prepare for the various government exams such as SSC CGL, railway, banking, defence etc. in order to achieve a lucrative government job.

Here are a few reasons that will clarify why students are so curious to work hard for the government exams: 

  • Fixed pay scale 

In earlier times, there was so much hype about private companies such as MNC, TCS, Wipro and many more because these companies provide hefty salaries to employees. However, after the 7th pay commission, the pay scale provided to employees in the government sector is much more than that provided in the private sector. Apart from that, government employees get their salaries on time regardless of inflation, pandemics or whatever happens in the world. Fixed and timely pay scales are all that motivate people to work hard for the government exams in order to enter the government sector. 

  • Allowances 

Do you know about the allowances being offered to government employees? Let us tell you that these allowances include dearness allowance, overtime allowance, house rent allowance, travel allowances and children’s education allowance. On the contrary, employees working in the private sector don’t get any of these allowances. That’s why there is a crowd among youngsters to work in the government sector. Well, to do so, they need to crack the government exam first. That’s why candidates break their backs to study hard for the government exams. 

  • Promotion 

The government sector assures the promotion and increment after a fixed time period. However, there is no guarantee in the private sector about whether the employee will be promoted or not. Well, in the government sector, if you perform better, you can even attain the opportunity to get promoted before a certain time period. This way, you can easily reap the fruits of your hard work by warning in the public sector. That’s why youngsters in India prefer to work in the government sector. 

  • A perfectly balanced life 

Deadlines, work pressure and maximum working hours in private sectors make employees’ life unbalanced. Employees find it difficult to spare some time for their family and health. This unbalanced life not only makes them physically unfit but disturbs their mental health as well.  However, in the government sector, employees can relish limited working hours, weekend holidays and less work pressure which help them live a stress-free and healthy life. They can easily spend time with their families and take care of their health which keeps them fit from both perspectives. So, working in the government sector is the only way to make a perfect balance between professional and personal life. 

  • Respectable position in the society 

People working in the government sector earn huge respect in society. It’s all because of the power and position they achieve being a government employee. To attain such power and prestigious positions, candidates work hard to crack government exams. Well, it is worth noting that even though you will achieve power being a government employee, you are not allowed to misuse your power. In case you do so, you will lose your job. Therefore, do your job honestly and devotedly and avoid doing such things that can push you and your society into trouble. 

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Wrapping up

To wrap up, these are the benefits that convince a plethora of people to work hard for the government exams. Who will not decide to work hard if his hard work will let him achieve such benefits? For sure, everybody will be convinced to put in the effort to get a lucrative job. So, what are you waiting for? Build a strong mind, fix a goal and start working for it. 


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