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KGOY and the Role of the App to Monitor Kid’s Phone

KGOY and the Role of the App to Monitor Kid’s Phone

1000 Americans were approached to ask about an appropriate age at which a kid should get a cellphone. The surveyed people included both men and women. According to the results, 40% of Americans think that kids should not be given a smartphone before they hit the age of 11-13. In other words, only middle school children should be given access to smartphones. On average at the age of 10 years, old kids are given access to the smartphone and the internet. That choice makes them practically exposed to everything present on the raw web through the cellphone. Many parents have shown their concern about the screen time their kids have. As it is a common sight to watch kids of all age groups glued to the screen everywhere. The tech-savvy generation has not seen a time without web service or smart gadget and that make it impossible for them to just live a day or even some hours of the day without it.

What are the side effects of early exposure to smart gadgets? Among many others, one that might be not too observant but is present is kids know things they shouldn’t know at their age. They are getting older and there is a term for that KGOY i.e kids getting older younger. The exposure to all sorts of social stigmas and competition is making them grow up fast. I am sure many parents would agree with the fact that as compared to teenagers of the past, today’s tech teens know much more than they can absorb.

Choice Best App to Monitor Kids Phone

The right choice would be the elimination of smartphones from kid’s life and let them grow up in their own zone. But we all know this is not possible. So as another solution option keeping an eye on online activities can help. Now no parent can confiscate the kid’s gadgets randomly and check them whenever they want. It wil be uncool of them. The installation of an app to monitor kid’s phone is a good choice as it is authentic and efficient. OgyMogy offers excellent services for that. 

Screen Time Management:

For screen time management the app offers a screen recording feature to the user. You can check how much time your kids are spending on the screen on average per day. The feature keeps the record of all the activities with timestamped information. You can check the details by making surprise visits,  screenshots and short video recordings.

Real-Time Monitoring :

The GPS location tracking feature allows the parents to know about the real-time location of the kid. The app saves the whereabouts history for seven days for the user. Pinpoint location tracking makes it easy for parents to track a visit to an odd place.

Monitoring of Web Browsing History:

Monitoring web browsing activity is a necessary measure every parent should take. The OgyMogy app offers a web browsing monitoring feature that let the parents know about the websites visited by the kid. Parents can check the content of frequently visited websites.

Eyes on the Search Bar:

With the help of the keystroke logging feature, users can check all the search bar history as well. Know what kind of content is searched by your kid and take action if it is triggering content. Porn sites, sexual related stuff or triggering stuff all can be tracked with the help of this feature.

Social Media Pressure Handling:

Social media has been one of the biggest pressure on teenagers these days. The use of less competition and the delusion that everyone is living a perfect life can mess up the innocent kid’s mind. Monitor the social media activities of the kid with the Facbook spy, Whatsapp spy app for android, Snapchat spy apps feature and make sure it is a healthy place for your kid.

OgyMogy offers its services for android, Mac and Windows gadgets. All you need to do is install the bundle that contains your desired features and follow easy and simple steps. One can choose a monthly, seasonal, or yearly bundle according to the choice. It is easy to use apps to monitor kids’ phones like the OgyMogy as it has a stealth mode. That means the installation and monitoring can be done secretly without letting the kid know.


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