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Serena Williams’ Private Life: What We Know and How Much She’s Worth

Serena Williams’ Private Life: What We Know and How Much She’s Worth

Serena Williams may be one of the greatest tennis players of all time, but she’s also one of the most private and well-compensated athletes in the world today. From her personal life to her sponsorship deals to her husband, Alexis Ohanian, we’ve rounded up everything we know about Serena so far. Spoiler alert: The numbers are impressive.

Her Early Years

Williams was born on September 26, 1985 in Saginaw, Michigan to her parents Richard Williams and Oracene Price. Her mother had been a nationally ranked player with the U.S. Tennis Association in the 1970s before quitting to have Serena. The family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida when she was two years old so that Richard could coach her full-time on the tennis court. At five years old, she became the youngest child ever to win a professional tournament. At age nine, she was named Sports Illustrated magazine’s Youngest Sportsperson of the Year. As a teenager, Williams went from being known as World’s Youngest Girl Pro to World’s Top Female Athlete Ever.

Her Husband

She married Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in November 2017. They have one daughter together, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., born on September 1, 2017. The couple met at a lunch in Rome. Serena had not known that the founder of the site was there with his girlfriend when she showed up to meet a friend who worked at the company. I looked over at him, and I thought he was really cute, she told Vogue magazine. I didn’t know he founded Reddit.

Her Daughter

At the time of writing, Serena Williams has not shared many details about her daughter. The only information we know is that she was born in September 2017. Williams had to take a break from professional tennis due to giving birth.

A year after giving birth, Williams announced on Snapchat that she was 20 weeks pregnant with her second child with fiancé Alexis Ohanian. In January 2018, it was revealed that she gave birth to a baby girl on September 1st.

Her Career Earnings

Serena is one of the highest paid female athletes in the world, according to Forbes. In fact, she made over $29 million from her career earnings in 2016. And that’s not even including what she’s made from endorsements or prizes for winning tournaments! Serena has had one of the most impressive tennis careers, but it hasn’t always been easy for her. The day after giving birth to her daughter Olympia, she won the 2018 Australian Open singles title.

Her Charity Work

One of the most private aspects of Serena’s life has been her work with charity. However, thanks to social media, we do know that she donated $150,000 to the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center in December 2016. Additionally, she raised over $7 million for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts when she was 16 years old. Now in her 30s, it seems like there is no limit to what Celeb Biography will do to help others.


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