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Set anta Sport – distribution channel

Set anta Sport – distribution channel

So we all know that Set anta has stopped trading with England, Wales and Scotland, although it still operates in Ireland, Northern Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and Africa. Now what does this mean for the distribution of live rights for English Premier League TV? Previously, Premier League television rights were divided into six packages, each containing 23 live matches, with a total of 138 matches shown live on television during each football season.

Now you might think that this is no big deal

And that a big company like Sky will be replaced and monopolize the market that includes all six season packages, but you would be wrong. Industry regulators require more than one broadcaster to distribute the six packages, so Sky must have a direct competitor as no single broadcaster can own all six packages. The deal was agreed with the European Commission in 2005. First Sky has run four of the six packages (this will take place in the 09-10 seasons), meaning the British broadcaster will show 92 live matches next season.

Two other 46-game packages previously owned by were acquired by US broadcaster ESPN. You also remember talking about saving ESPN… guess they have other plans. ESPN has launched a new channel featuring newly captured live matches that consumers can buy on top of their existing Sky TV subscription and other UK providers such as Virgin Media.

It’s the current season now.

What happens in 2010-2011 is another story; I believe Sky will try to get more games from ESPN. The number of 스포츠중계 could increase from 92 to 115, leaving 23 games for ESPN. Either way, we could be in for a power struggle between GB Premier League ESPN and GB giants Sky newcomers in the coming year!


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