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What Works to Get Out of a speeding ticket lawyer mineola

What Works to Get Out of a speeding ticket lawyer mineola

There is quite a bit of information on how to beat a speeding ticket lawyer mineola. Some of it is indeed true or may be true in certain areas and jurisdictions. Some of the information out there on beating tickets are just myths and really don’t work at all.

Myth: If the officer doesn’t show up, you will get out of the ticket.

speeding ticket lawyer mineola

This is a myth that’s spread all over. The reason that this doesn’t work is because even if the officer is not there in court to give testimony, there are still aspects of the speeding violation that are allowed in court. For example, what is recorded by the radar is going to be admitted into court. If you are going fast, you still have to fight what this reading states regardless if the officer is there or not.

Myth: If there is an error on the ticket, it will be dropped.

Many believe that one error anywhere on the ticket means it’s not valid. In some places at points in time this was true. Tickets today can have errors and are still accepted as valid. The exception would be if the speeding ticket is recording saying you were going less than the speed limit. In this case that error would get you out of the ticket.

Myth: If you don’t sign the ticket, the ticket will be dismissed.

Signing the ticket isn’t admitting to guilt. In most places signing the ticket just means that you will appear in court. Don’t get caught up in the mindset that following any of the rules stated on the ticket automatically means you are guilty and not following it proves your innocence


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