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Stage 3 Kidney Disease 

Stage 3 Kidney Disease 

high blood pressure. The kidneys’ inability to filter waste products also causes a condition known as uremia. Other side effects include anemia, bone disease, and increased blood pressure.

A stage three kidney disease treatment should begin by treating any underlying condition causing the patient’s symptoms. For example, patients’ kidneys may need iron supplements or erythropoietin injections if they do not function properly. Aside from dietary supplements, calcium and vitamin D supplements may be prescribed. While taking calcium and vitamin D supplements is common for people without kidney disease, it can cause kidney damage, so it’s important to talk to a healthcare provider before taking any OTC medications. Life expectancy can vary depending on the severity and age of kidney disease.

Dietary changes

Dietary changes may be recommended if you have been diagnosed with kidney disease to help control the condition. These changes can help lower hypertension, reduce the need for blood pressure medications, and reduce fluid retention. Consult a dietitian to learn more about these changes and your dietary goals. Adhering to your dietitian’s recommendations can help slow the progression of kidney disease and improve your quality of life.

During stage three kidney disease, you may need to limit the amount of protein, phosphorus, and potassium in your diet. In addition to dairy products, choose dairy alternatives with lower levels of these substances than cow’s milk. If dairy isn’t an option, brown rice and other grains are healthy choices. They contain lower amounts of phosphorus than white rice and are also higher in fiber. Other options include barley, wild rice, and buckwheat.


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