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Steve Jobs And His Visibility To Streaming Platforms

Steve Jobs And His Visibility To Streaming Platforms

Steve jobs, the name is setting a craze for us. The man who revolutionized the electronic market with his ideas. His vision towards Streaming platforms amazed us. At that time he saw the future of streaming platforms future.

Who Is Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs spunked the world with the PC revolution. His dream was a “computer for the rest of us”. This vision helped him to launch Apple. In 1976 he and his friend Steve Wozniak founded Apple. And from than Steve’s inventions go on. Today Apple is leading in the tech market.

Invention Of Steve jobs-

Apple Inc-

Apple was a parent company that developed computers on another level. And that’s the start of inventing. Later Jobs founded the portable digital audio player iPod in 2001. In 2003 iTune, in 2007 iPhone, in 2009 iPad. The design and features of this craze the world.

Pixar Inc-

Steve financed Pixar and developed it. Later in 2006 Pixar was sold to Disney and became Disney’s largest shareholder. Steve owns 7.3 percent of Disney.

A Relation With Streaming Platform

Steve makes an impact on the streaming platforms through his innovative idea in content distribution.

He makes his first impression in 2003 by creating iTune. This made the whole music industry revolutionized. Arguably one of the most popular online music players with 10 million-plus songs.

iTune sold almost 6 billion songs from the day of launching back in 2003. There are many competitors in the market, but iTune has set such a market that no other competitor comes close to him.  The selling of download music iTUne always thrashed the competitor.

During this time Steve Jobs made a comment on the online streaming music industry. He said now Apple will deliver its songs  DRM or Digital Rights Management free. That means there will be no restriction on music playing. Anyone can play music anytime.

Steve extents itune’s idea on movie and tv shows. Apple has an inventory of 30,000 plus TV shows and 2500 plus movies. Out of these almost 600 are in high definition quality.

iMovie was not so much successful as iTune. But Steve’s idea was much more successful. It’s not a small thing to convince Hollywood. But Steve has done this. He convinced Hollywood to release movies and shows via Apple. He assured them a profit from selling movies on digital platforms.

He continued it. Moreover, Steve started iTune with Disney content but today more platforms like HBO, NBC, and Viacom are offering their content to Apple.

Trivia on Steve Jobs

Steve invented that type of product which made more impact on people’s daily lives. He combined his idea with art and designs and technology.

In 1983 when Steve was sacked from his own company Apple’s sales have been declining. After almost 10 years, Steve rejoined his own yard and revived it.

At this present time, there are many digital online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Disney plus, 9anime app, and the list is continued. But Steve’s contribution to the online streaming platforms is undeniable.


Steve Jobs redefined the online music industry. He dominated the online distribution. I am sure you will use the Streaming platform at least once a week in a year. Please thank the man who redefined the online streaming platform.


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