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Strategy and tips When to play

Strategy and tips When to play

Have a strategy before hand, think about possible moves with good and bad cards and that way you will know what to do, when to match, when to raise and when to fold, as an example I will tell you that when you have a winning hand your strategy will be based on making others do not imagine your move and so you can make them pay dearly for your deception. Be aware of your level, do not think of yourself as an expert and watch experienced players and learn from them. The best poker players are good at timing, but that’s not what guarantees victory. It is always better to observe possible rivals beforehand, see if they play only if they have good cards, are thrown, go all out or on the contrary are cautious. Play with players of equal or lower level than you, Try to discover the players who have a higher level than you at the table before it’s too late. There is nothing better than knowing who is sitting at the table before facing him. If you don’t know your opponents, be patient and a little conservative at first, they will discover themselves and you will be able to have a clearer idea of ​​the table.

When to play

Play relaxed and calm, within your economic possibilities, get used to the idea of ​​losing what you are playing otherwise you will not play in the best possible way. What you can’t lose, don’t gamble. Set rules and respect them, if you decide you can spend a certain amount of money stay there, but if you lose it, don’t play anymore that day, this way you will have a fun time and it won’t be a problem. You must set loss and profit limits. Of profit? You will say by what profit limit, because by a rule that although in poker it is not physical it is as if it were, everything that goes up comes down, and believe me your stack of chips can go down faster than it went up. Take advantage of your good streak and retire victorious.

Be patient and avoid impulses that get you into problem hands,

 if you feel frustrated after a loss with good cards, or if the table is out of control, you can just sit out. This is the best solution since a second or third loss can make you play off center, and more focused on recovering quickly than attentive to the 홀덤사이트. Take some time without playing and wait, do not play if you are not able to play relaxed and calm.

Choice of the table to play

It is very important, you must find a table where the other players make more mistakes than you. If you find that table in the long run you will win, otherwise you will last 15 minutes. Once you find the right table, generally watch your opponents, look at their chip stacks and you will see which are the strong players. Avoid confrontations with them or at least be cautious, when you have a winning hand the good players at the table will surely notice and they will get out of the way by themselves.

The best table to start with is one that has no players continually raising, one that has many players calling, one that has players coming into play outside their blinds with weak hands like K 4, or A 5 in suits. different, and the one with players who make big raises with good hands. When you first sit down, don’t bet the big blind. Instead, wait and watch the table. In a few hands you will begin to get an idea of ​​the quality of the table.


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