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Strawberries Have 5 Health Benefits

Strawberries Have 5 Health Benefits

Why is it important to include strawberries more often in your diet?

Strawberry lovers should become a part of their lives if they haven’t.

They are delicious and nutritious.

Strawberry offers many health benefits that will be surprising to you. They are nutrient-dense, and antioxidant-rich (such as vitamin C).

These are five strawberry benefits you should not overlook. Also, strawberry recipes to spice up the summer.

You can boost your immune system’s performance.

Madeleine Edwards from Toronto, a dietician, says that strawberries are a great source of vitamin C.

Except for humans, all animals can produce vitamin C naturally, so it is important to ensure that you have enough.

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Edwards estimates that a single serving contains 51.5 mg of vitamin C. This is about half your daily intake.

To reach 100 percent, double the amount of Vitamin C you are consuming. Vitamin C is an effective and quick-acting antioxidant.

These are additional foods rich in vitamin C.

Keep your eyesight in good shape.

Strawberry antioxidants may help prevent cataracts. This is a condition that causes the eyes to cloud over and can cause blindness.

Vitamin C is necessary to protect our eyes against the damaging effects of UV radiation.

Vitamin C is also helpful in protecting the retina and cornea.

High levels of vitamin C have been associated with an increased risk for cataracts in older women, but researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institut claim that this risk is limited to vitamin C supplements and not vitamin C found in fruits or vegetables.

Protect yourself against cancer

Vitamin C, one of the antioxidants that may help with cancer prevention, is important because a strong immune defense system is the body’s best defense.

Another phytochemical, ellagic, can be found in strawberries. Edwards points out that Ellagic acid was found to have anti-cancer effects, including slowing the growth of cancer cells. “Strawberries also contain high levels of the antioxidants lutein, zeathancins.

Antioxidants protect cells against the damaging effects of free radicals by reducing free radicals.

Reduce your cholesterol.

According to Heart and Stroke Foundation, heart diseases are the leading cause of death for Canadian women.

Strawberries have many heart-healthy qualities.

Edwards writes that “Ellagic acid, flavonoids, and phytochemicals may have an antioxidant effect that could help with heart health in many ways.”

One option is to reduce the effects of low-density cholesterol (or LDL), which is a type of bad cholesterol that causes plaque formation in the arteries.

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“They are also anti-inflammatory which is good for your heart.”

It could be beneficial for men

Strawberry antioxidants are good to your heart and arteries as well as your circulation which is essential for a healthy sexual experience.

Men’s sperm counts increase due to vitamin C found in berries. Strawberry sex is possible by using Cenforce 100 and Fildena.


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