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Home Business Swing handle locks are the best way to keep your property secure. Here’s why.

Swing handle locks are the best way to keep your property secure. Here’s why.

Swing handle locks are the best way to keep your property secure. Here’s why.

A Swing Handle Lock, also called a barrel lock, barrel bolt or barrel bolt lock, is one of the most popular types of locks in the US and around the world. There are many reasons why so many companies rely on this type of lock to secure their property and protect their interests. Here are some of the top benefits of swing handle locks to consider when you are looking for ways to make your business or property more secure.

The Basics Of A Swing Handle Door Lock

A swing handle door lock is a type of lock that is attached to the door with two screws, one at the top and one at the bottom. The lock has a cylindrical body and a lever that is used to engage and disengage the locking mechanism. When the lever is in the locked position, it prevents the door from being opened. Swing Handle Lock are one of the most popular types of locks because they are very easy to install and they provide a high level of security. In fact, these locks can be installed without any drilling or sawing necessary because you simply use the screws on either side of the door frame. Once installed, this type of lock provides an impressive amount of protection against break-ins; thieves will have to cut through both sides of the door frame before entering through a swing handle lock-secured doorway. These locks can also be installed quickly and easily with minimal tools and effort – no need for welding or installation expertise! All you need is a screwdriver, tape measure, drill and three wood screws (available at any hardware store). All of the parts needed to install this type of lock come together inside the packaging so there is no need to buy additional parts if you don’t already have them on hand. The cylinder part needs to be unscrewed from the mounting plate in order to insert into the hollow space on each side of the door frame where it attaches with screws into pre-drilled holes (follow instructions included).

The advantages provided by a swing handle lock make them well worth installing on all exterior doors as well as doors leading into rooms containing valuables such as jewelry or cash.

What Makes A Good Swing Handle Lock?

There are a few things that make a good Swing Handle Lock. First, it should be made of sturdy materials that can’t be easily cut or broken. Second, it should be installed in a place that is hard to reach, making it more difficult for potential burglars to tamper with it. Third, the locking mechanism should be concealed so that it can’t be easily picked. Fourth, the lock should have a deadbolt so that even if the knob is forced open, the door won’t budge. Fifth, the strike plate should be reinforced so that even if the door is forced open, the lock will still hold. Sixth, the keyway should be well-protected so that it can’t be easily picked or bumped. Seventh, the lock should also have a cylinder guard because this prevents tampering and shimming by burglars. Eighth, the lock must have an adjustable latch to accommodate different thicknesses of doors. Finally, it should also come with an emergency release so that in case of an emergency you can get out without having to break down the door.

3 Features To Look For In A New Door Lock

When it comes to choosing a new door lock, there are a few features you should look for to ensure maximum security. First, look for a lock with a built-in deadbolt. This will make it more difficult for burglars to break in. Second, choose a lock with a tamper-proof design. This will make it more difficult for thieves to pick the lock. Finally, consider getting a lock with an automatic locking mechanism. This will ensure that the door is always locked, even if you forget to do so yourself. The Swing Handle Lock from Baldwin Hardware is a great example of these three features put together. The Swing Handle Lock has a built-in deadbolt, as well as other anti-pick mechanisms and an automatic locking system which makes it very easy to install and use. These features combined create one of the most durable and reliable locks on the market today.

The Best Quality Locks

When it comes to security, you can never be too careful. That’s why Swing Handle Lock are the best way to keep your property safe and sound. Here’s why

Durability: Swing handle locks are sturdy and tough. If a burglar does happen to try breaking in, they’ll find that this lock is a challenge for them to get through.

Ease of Use: Swing handles make it easy for homeowners to open their doors quickly- all they have to do is push down on the door from the inside and pull up on the latch from outside of their home. With regular door handles, you’re forced to turn around or fumble with keys which makes things far more difficult when you’re in a hurry or feeling impatient. For those who struggle with arthritis or other issues with mobility, this is an ideal solution as well since there’s no need for twisting motions when using this type of lock. Plus, since they don’t take up any extra space on the door frame like some types of locks do, swing handle locks are perfect for tight spaces.


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