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Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em

Texas Holdem Rules

Texas Hold’em is the most popular card game in the world. It will take you a few minutes to learn how to play. And, believe me, just a few games to irrevocably get carried away. Thrills, adrenaline and the unpredictability of the outcome will make you come back again and again. So, are you ready to learn?

Then welcome to Californiapokergold School! Below we explain how to play Texas Hold’em poker online for beginners.

Texas Holdem Rules

Texas 홀덤총판 is the most popular form of online poker in the world. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. There can be from 2 to 10 players at the table (the maximum in Californiapokergold is 6).

At the beginning of the game, the dealer gives everyone two hole cards (the player’s personal cards that no one should see). There are then four rounds of betting (which we will describe below), during which five cards are dealt face up on the table. You must use your own cards and the community cards to make the best five-card combination possible.

No limit

All Texas Hold’em at Californiapokergold is “No Limit”, which means there is no maximum limit on the maximum bet a player can place at once. Thus, players can go all-in and put all their chips on their betting turn.


The positions at the poker table are the big blind, small blind and dealer. The Dealer chip will move clockwise around the table after each deal.

  • Dealer – Each hand has one designated dealer. The position of the dealer determines the small and big blinds.
  • Small Blind – The player to the left of the dealer must post the small blind.

The big blind is the player to the left of the small blind. The big blind is equal to the minimum bet.

Available actions

  • Fold – the player realizes that he cannot win the hand, so he loses all the chips he has in the pot. He gives the hole cards to the dealer.
  • Check – the player transfers the right to bet to the next player. If another player raises before the end of the round, that player will have to call, re-raise, or fold.
  • Bet (bet) – the player bets a certain amount based on the strength of his cards (or bluffs). The bet must be greater than the Big Blind.
  • Call – the player supports the bet offered by the previous player.
  • Raise – a player raises the bet offered by the previous player.

Betting circles


The players receive their hole cards.

In this round, you receive two hole cards.


The cards are dealt 3 community cards of the flop.

After the distribution of the first three community cards, the second round of betting begins. You combine your hole cards and these community cards to make the best possible hand.


The 4th community card is dealt.

The fourth community card is dealt and the third betting round begins. The player must combine their two hole cards with three of the four community cards on the table to make the best five-card hand.


The last 5th community card is dealt.

The last fifth card is dealt, and another round of betting begins. Now you need to evaluate the strength of your hands and your opponents and act according to the analysis.


If there are 2 or more players left, betting continues until the cards are revealed.

You need to find out if your opponent has a better hand or is just bluffing to take the pot. If you have a tie, the pot is split evenly.

Now that you’ve learned how to play Texas Hold’em online for beginners, you can download the free Californiapokergold app and try your hand at it. Our application is optimized for mobile devices and computers, so you can play online poker wherever you are.

Table No Limit Hold’em

Details and restrictions

The game uses 1 deck of 52 cards. The deck is shuffled after each deal.

The amount that went to the bank will remain in the game in the event of a disconnection.

Californiapokergold players assume the risk of internet outages due to communication problems between their devices and servers, freezing or lag or other problems in the player’s devices or the way that device connects to the internet.

Contact support if you have any questions.


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