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The Best Chewing Juicer

The Best Chewing Juicer
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Every seasoned juicer knows that the best chewable juicers can cost anywhere from $ 100 to $ 500. So if you want to spend a lot of money buying one of these great juicers, you should try to get the most bangs for your buck.

For beginners in juicing, juicers or juicers have augers to chew and grind fruits, vegetables, and sometimes leafy greens and wheatgrass. It operates at significantly lower speeds than traditional juicers, delivering nutritious juice with minimal oxidation.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best chewable juicers based on user ratings. The owners of this juicer were very pleased with the price and overall performance.

1) Omega 8003 – This masticated juicer, which received 4.9 stars from 25 users, uses a 1/3 HP motor and comes with a 15 year warranty. The MSRP is $ 299.

2) Lexen Healthy Juicer Electric GP62 – This electric machine, which has been awarded 4.5 stars for 5 out of 17 users, has a 1/4 HP motor and 8 years warranty. MSRP is $ 159.

3) Omega 8006: Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by 25 users, this chewing juicer moisturizes and homogenizes fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass and green leafy vegetables. Backed by a 15-year warranty and a suggested retail price of $ 339.

4) Tribest Z-Star Z-510 Manual Juicer: This manual juicer rated 4.5 out of 5 out of 15 users is designed for juicing wheatgrass and green leafy vegetables, not fruit and vegetables. The MSRP is $ 99.

5) Omega VRT330 – Rated 4.4 stars by 11 users, this juicer is high unlike most chewable juicers and uses a 1/3 HP motor with a 10 year warranty. The MSRP is $ 399. offers the best juicer ratings and reviews for 100+ juicers. If you’re a fan, check out our Best Juicer Reviews.


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