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The Complete Guide For The China Leather Market

The Complete Guide For The China Leather Market

China is the world leader in both leather production and exports. China produces more than 6.15 billion square feet of leather annually.

The market for leather goods was estimated to be worth more than $394 billion (USD) in 2020, and by 2028, it is anticipated to grow to $626 billion.

This largely explains why China continues to lead the world in leather production.

Although the beauty of leather conjures images of farmworkers and hand-crafted items, the majority of our leather is produced far from any cattle station. China is by far the market leader; it produces more than twice as much as its nearest rival annually.

Why import from China?

The Chinese leather market sells upscale goods. Luxury leather products manufacturers offer a variety of markets throughout China. So prepare to be overwhelmed by the market’s selection.

The majority of importers opt to purchase the leather from China rather than other nations for some reasons. You should be aware that every importer aims to obtain high-quality goods at the lowest possible cost.

This is done on purpose to make sure that corporate earnings rise while still maintaining their customers’ trust. Nevertheless, China should be a viable choice for the majority of leather importers.

Let’s examine some of the causes:


The majority of products made in China, if not all of them, are offered at fair costs. It would be simple to purchase anything and resell it for three times what you paid for it. Because there are rawer materials available and labor costs are lower, product prices are lower.


If you intend to import goods from China, you might decide to have them customized. The majority of Chinese producers are open to altering leather goods to your specifications.


Maintaining your company’s credibility with clients depends heavily on quality. In China, you will undoubtedly encounter both high- and low-quality goods.

To succeed at this, you must conduct in-depth research and collaborate with the appropriate individuals. Also, keep in mind that manufacturers are not the best people to ask for advice on leather quality.

A broad selection of leather designs

The China leather market makes it simple to find every form of leather goods you can imagine. You can get leather goods from the many leather marketplaces, whether you want leather shoes, belts, bags, or watches, to name a few.

Raw material accessibility

One of the main factors influencing low prices is the accessibility of raw materials for leather goods. Not to mention that since raw materials are easily available, you won’t have to worry about their importation taking longer than expected.


The majority of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers keep up with current developments in the leather sector. As a result, anticipate seeing a variety of distinctive leather products on the market.

How do you obtain the China leather market’s best prices?

It’s simple to find the finest deals on goods when buying in China Leather Market or any other Chinese B2B platform, which is a plus. As a result, the majority of importers swarm the market in search of the best deals on high-quality goods.

The majority of importers won’t tell you, yet buying in these markets requires considerable skill. This means that in addition to understanding how Chinese suppliers work, you also need to know how to negotiate the best costs.

Here are some crucial pointers for you:


Due to the products’ already reasonable quoted cost, some importers are easily persuaded to make quick purchases.

If you want to purchase at the lowest prices, this is a serious error. The supplier frequently negotiates the rates after taking the customer’s bargaining power into account.

Purchase straight from the manufacturer

Buying directly from the manufacturer is another way to get products at great costs. When it comes to giving higher discounts for larger orders, the majority of Chinese leather manufacturers are not mean.

Purchase items in bulk

You will usually receive cheaper prices when you buy in volume, which is useful. The discount increases the more you purchase.


To conclude, when it comes to global leather production, China certainly controls the lion’s share. With a 30.3 percent market share, they produce 6,170 million square feet of leather annually at their present production rate.

There is no doubt that China is capable of handling any work related to leather manufacture. They have the tools and labor to do the work, from tanneries to textile mills.

However, many buyers want a certain level of trust before conducting business with China to reduce this risk. Therefore, it is important to conduct your search and find reliable suppliers and importers.


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