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The Developing market of Volumetric Video

The Developing market of Volumetric Video

The volumetric video market in APAC is supposed to develop at the most noteworthy CAGR during the conjecture time frame. This development can be credited to the developing number of expert innovative studios. In November 2019, Voxon Photonics (Australia) divulged the VX1 3D image table, which can make intuitive 3D pictures that give off an impression of being drifting in the air, over a table that a gathering can wait around and see with next to no visual guides.

During the time spent deciding and checking the market size for a few portions and subsegments accumulated through optional examination, broad essential meetings have been led with the key specialists. The separation of the profiles of essential members is as per the following:

By Company Type: Tier 1 – 15 %, Tier 2 – half, and Tier 3 – 35%

By Designation: C-Level Executives – 45% Directors – 35%, Others – 20%

By Geography: North America – 45%, Europe – 35%, APAC – 12%, South America – 3%, and Middle East and Africa – 5%

The volumetric video market is overwhelmed by Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) (US); Intel Corporation (Intel) (US); Facebook, Inc. (Facebook) (US); Google LLC (Google) (US); and 4D View Solutions SAS (4D Views) (France). Other central parts in the market are Holoxica Ltd (Holoxica) (UK); LightSpace Technologies, SIA (LightSpace Technologies) (Latvia), The Coretec Group Inc. (The Coretec Group) (US); 8i Ltd. (8i) (New Zealand); RealView Imaging Ltd. (RealView Imaging) (Israel); Voxon Photonics (Voxon Photonics) (Australia); Unity Technologies (Unity) (US); IO Industries Inc. (IO Industries) (Ontario), Stereolabs (Stereolabs) (US): Raytrix GmbH (Raytrix) (Germany); OTOY Inc. (OTOY) (US); Samsung Electronics America Inc. (Samsung Electronics America) (US); MRMC (Mark Roberts Motion Control) (UK); Sony Pictures Digital Productions Inc. (Sony Pictures Digital Productions Inc.) (US); Verizon Wireless (Verizon) (US); Canon Inc. (Ordinance) (Tokyo). Key trailblazers incorporate HypeVR (HypeVR) (US); Scatter (Scatter) (US); VividQ (VividQ) (UK); and Hammerhead VR (Hammerhead) (UK). Evercoast (Evercoast) (US); HoloCap (HoloCap) (US); HOLOOH – DOORWAY SAS (HOLOOH) (France); Volograms Limited. (Volograms) (Dublin); Volucap (Volucap) (Germany); Humense PTY LTD (Humense PTY LTD) (Australia); DoubleMe, Inc. (DoubleMe) (US); EF EVE (EF EVE) (London); Magic Leap, Inc. (Wizardry Leap) (US). Fraunhofer HHI (Germany) is a main examination organization engaged with the exploration on volumetric video innovation.

Research Coverage

This report covers the volumetric video market in view of volumetric catch, application, content conveyance, and geology. A point by point investigation of the key business players has been embraced to give bits of knowledge into their business, items and administrations, and key techniques, for example, item dispatches, item improvements, organizations, contracts, arrangements, consolidations and acquisitions, joint efforts, and extensions related with the volumetric video capture market.

Motivations to Buy the Report:

Illustrative division, examination, and figure relating to the volumetric video market in light of volumetric catch, application, content conveyance, and geology have been directed to give a general perspective on the volumetric video industry.

Significant drivers, restrictions, valuable open doors, and difficulties for the volumetric video market have been point by point in this report.


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