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The NFL promotes ‘flag football’ at the 2028 Olympics

The NFL promotes ‘flag football’ at the 2028 Olympics

The NFL wants flag football to become an Olympic sport. The American Football League. has launched a campaign seeking to host the 2028 Los Angeles 20 Olympics, according to Reuters. “The greatest driving force of all American football is ultimately the NFL,” said Jeff Lewis, founder of the American Flag League (AFFL), the league involved in the project. Flag football is a sport that is played almost all over the world. While similar to American football, passing and receiving have fewer defensive requirements. The game is stopped when the defender pulls the cloth 스포츠중계 from the opponent’s waist.

Football Federation of the World

(Iffy) is preparing a formal proposal to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), where the NFL will deploy the sporting and economic strengths to make it happen.

“We certainly support Iffy and American Football’s mission to make flag football an Olympic sport,” said Demand Leech, NFL International’s director of operations. “Biffa is going to promote it and what we’re telling them is telling us how we can help them,” he explained, explaining that “we’re willing to help in terms of governance and coordination, as well as integration.” Iffy is promoting a version of the game on a smaller five-on-five field for the Olympics, it now has 72 member countries, and in all flags they have football teams and almost 70% have their own league. The United States tops the sport’s global rankings in all categories.

Under the new IOC rules introduced for the Tokyo Games,

 An Olympic host city can select sub-sports and advise them to participate if they are popular in the country and increase the attractiveness of the Games. Therefore, in Tokyo waterskiing, skateboarding, mountaineering and karate will make their Olympic debuts, while softball and baseball return after an absence since Beijing 2008. While in Paris it is time for the Games of swimming, skateboarding and climbing, before that. who participates in the break dance.

The best I’ve seen lately. They are very sporty people.

 Who cares and who because of the weather, many are confined to the pavilions and gyms to exercise. Plus, they’re best for working from the ground up. Last year, the Havel Rebels won the Danish League and Champions Bowl with just 6 players,” Iaccarino said.

However, Flag Football still exists in Spain. According to Bart: “In Spain there is a closed sports mentality, everything is football. It is very difficult to develop other sports because there is not much support from institutions and sponsors. They would rather fund a third division football team than give it away.” a budding children’s sport or team.


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