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Home Business These 3 Specialties in Your Customer’s Facebook Audit

These 3 Specialties in Your Customer’s Facebook Audit

These 3 Specialties in Your Customer’s Facebook Audit

These 3 Specialties in Your Customer’s Facebook Audit

If you’re in charge of clients’ social media, conducting(BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK) an audit of your social media is a must-have first step. Without it, you’ll not be able to know where a customer is headed or what you have to accomplish to get them there. Setting a baseline will help explain to your client down the road how your services are working and can even show the reasons why your client should be taking advantage of social media, to begin with.

In this post, we’ll focus on what you must perform during an audit on Facebook. Facebook audit.

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There are three major areas you should be able to cover in your client’s Facebook assessment: initial point, competitive analysis, and audience analytics.

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The Beginning Place (A Snapshot)

It is the first thing to determine where the client’s Facebook efforts are beginning. If it’s the first page to be created, the numbers will start at zero. If a page is already up and running, it is the baseline.

You must be looking at the numbers that correspond to:

  • The total number of fans
  • Total reach
  • Shares Likes, shares, and comments
  • The number of posts that have been made

What are the most popular articles have historically been?

There are several ways to locate the information. One option is to use Facebook Insights. It is a free tool integrated with Facebook that is accessible directly from the page once you are granted admin rights. Regardless of the method you employ to look over this information, you’ll require administrator access on the Facebook page; therefore, you need to ask your client to grant when you first meet.

Insights snapshot

When you log in to the page and access the insights, don’t look just over the summary (pictured above) and the page’s likes, reach, actions, and reach sections.

A different option is an expensive service that allows users to view all statistics in one location. Additionally, you can download the PowerPoint report in one click and share it with your client.

Beginning Point

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Competitive Analysis

The next step in your audit should look at an analysis of your competitors and the position of your Facebook page. This will help you determine what is a standard for the industry so that you can set the right goals and benchmarks to achieve the success of your page. What works for one type of business (consumer products) will not work in another (say healthcare).

Note: click here

It is a tool for free that allows you to check a variety of the fundamental statistics of your website against other pages working in the same field. It will show you what you can expect to see in terms of engagement, reach, and other factors. If you’ve created a brand new brand page, it will not be as effective as you don’t have any prior experience to gauge against.


If you’re paying for the tool, it gives you access to the entire Facebook analysis tool for competitors. This tool can analyze your page and the pages of competitors together. It is also possible to compare the pages with the other pages if you manage several Facebook pages.


To access this feature natively on Facebook, go to the Insights page until you see “Pages to Watch.” It’s not as comprehensive, but it provides many numbers, and it can be a good starting point. To make this process the most effective, you must choose your clients’ closest competitors or perhaps one of the industry leaders to use as a reference.

Pages to View

Image image

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Audience Metrics

The final component of a Facebook assessment is getting to know your client’s target audience. This is an essential element of the puzzle because it can help you decide how to develop your content and understand your viewers and their motives. This information is available for free on Facebook Insights directly, or utilize a premium application for reports with images with just a few clicks.


We often think of a Facebook assessment as something to only do once, but performing one for your clients every month or quarterly is a valuable instrument. It will let you know if you’re fulfilling your social media goals and demonstrate the increase in your Facebook page’s engagement and popularity. Ensure all three parts of your report include a snapshot of the metrics you have, a comparative analysis of competitors, and an analysis of the audience.

Facebook Management Tool

What have you learned from this kind of audit to boost the performance of your client on Facebook? Tell us via the comment section!


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