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Tips For a Safe Playground

Tips For a Safe Playground
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A Safe Playground is essential for children’s development. More than 200,000 children sustain playground injuries every year, according to the U.S. Consumer Product안전놀이터for Safety Commission. Most of these injuries are caused by children falling from playground equipment. The most effective way to prevent these injuries is to install equipment that is placed on a level surface that can absorb the impact. Climbing structures are especially beneficial for children because they develop strength, coordination, and depth perception. They also help kids see the world from different perspectives. Climbing platforms should be protected by guardrails or safety steps.

Safety audits

Performing playground safety audits can improve the safety of your facility. An auditor will inspect your playground equipment and surfacing to make sure they are installed safely and correctly. An audit will also provide peace of mind about new playground installations because you will receive official documentation from a third-party organization.


Playgrounds are designed to keep kids safe, but they need regular maintenance to remain in tip-top shape. Even though playgrounds are generally made of durable materials, there will be times when the materials need repairs or replacement. If repairs are put off, the risk of injury or damage to children will increase, and the cost of repairs can mount. Here are a few tips for ensuring your playground is as safe as possible.


Playground surfaces are an important part of the design of your playground. They should be durable and resistant to impact, preventing serious injuries. There are many factors to consider when choosing a 안전놀이터surface. Some materials will hold up better than others, and you need to choose one that will last for years. Make sure the material you choose is durable and tested before it is installed on your playground. You should also consider its cost, as the more durable it is, the higher the upfront cost.


Playgrounds must be free of loose parts, sharp edges, and other hazards that can cause injury. Wooden playground equipment, for example, should not have loose pieces or splinters. Metal playground equipment, in contrast, should be in good condition and free of rust and other problems. The fencing on the playground should also be in good condition and free of unintended openings. Finally, playground equipment should not have sharp edges or protruding pieces.


It is important to install secure railings around your playground equipment to prevent children from falling and injuring themselves. These rails come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on their size, they are 3.5 to 4.0 mm thick. They are generally installed in the outermost section of the play area. These rails are usually made from rustproof metals and painted to prevent scratches. They also provide an attractive addition to your playground equipment.

Sun safety

Protecting children from the sun during peak sun hours can be crucial. UV rays from the sun are most intense during the morning and early afternoon when kids are most likely to be playing on the playground. These high UV levels can cause sunburn or heat illness. Even if the weather is cloudy, UV rays can still penetrate. The CDC recommends wearing a hat and long-sleeved shirt to protect against the sun.

Equipment that should not be used

A playground should have safe and accessible equipment. Equipment that is too large for a child can be dangerous. Some types of equipment may have protrusions or open “S” hooks that may entangle children. Also, playground equipment that contains moving parts should be located in a separate area.

Rules for a safe playground

One of the most important rules for a playground is that children must wait their turn on playground equipment. While this is sometimes difficult for children, it’s an important lesson for them to learn. Otherwise, the equipment may become overcrowded, causing accidents.


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