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 Tips for singing lessons at home

 Tips for singing lessons at home

There are male and female voices. A distinction is made between male voices:

Bass: If you can sing especially low notes with ease, your voice will match the bass. So your vocal range is roughly out of the notes. Examples of well-known bass singers are Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Barry White or Fromstein singer Till Lindeman.

Baritone: The baritone’s voice is in the middle range, with a vocal range of about G to g ‘. As a baritone, you can also use the main voice to reach the note b ‘. Notable singers in this vocal range include David Bowie, John Mayer, Mick Jogger and Kurt Cobain.

Tenor: If you are a man with a loud singing voice, you count as a tenor. Your voice range is approximately from c to a ‘. Notable tenors include opera stars Jonas Kaufmann and Lucia no Pavarotti, as well as singers such as Bryan Adams, Ed Sheering, Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder.


This refers to tenors who can express female voices (alto or soprano) using the so-called falsetto technique or lead voice. However, they are very rare and more common in classical music. Current examples are opera singers Andreas Scholl 풀싸롱. Female voices are often more difficult to determine. Many women think they sing the soprano, but their vocal range is closer to that of a high mezzo-soprano. It’s all about rehearsing and trying out the areas where you feel comfortable with your voice when you sing. Determine a kind of song

Once you know which speech interval is right for you?

 You have to decide on the type of voice. There are big differences between classical, jazz, rock and pop singing, especially when it comes to technique. Ask yourself: what do you like and dislike most?

In principle, jazz, rock and pop singers focus mainly on the speaking voice, while classical singers change their voice “artificially” using the so-called tilt technique: the vocal cords are lengthened by the vocal cartilage and so thin. Professional singers usually get a whole repertoire: they are trained in classical singing, but also know how to play jazz and rock singing.

To get started, focus on one type of singing so that you can perfect it. Practical Tips for Practicing Singing

Even without singing lessons,

There are a few things to consider as a beginner. These are for example:

Breathe consciously: you have to learn to breathe, especially if you want to sing well.


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