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Top 4 Sectors Profiting from Facility Management Solutions Today

Top 4 Sectors Profiting from Facility Management Solutions Today
Facility Management Solutions

Facility management solutions are concerned with the administration, utilization, and optimization of buildings, warehouses, properties, spaces, factories, and other conveniences among other facilities. This includes managing all installations and utilities within the facilities, including HVAC, energy, gas, communications, internet, and security.

With facility management software, facility managers can ensure that their facilities and connected systems are in optimum condition to provide a compliant and secure environment in which personnel can live and/or achieve their functions and in which organizations’ inventory, stocks, and added assets can be steadily stored.

From a single, centralized interface, facility managers can monitor energy consumption, improve utility usage, optimize the use of spaces and oversee repairs.

Additionally, a substantial reduction in power and water consumption is one of the many benefits of facility management software. Buildings consume the most energy and water in the world (40% and 25% respectively). The right facility management solution can significantly reduce this usage and increase energy and water efficiency.

Operating facilities efficiently and productively is the goal of facility management. Keeping everyone and all assets safe and sound while reducing operational costs, shortening and preventing downtime, and strictly adhering to rules, regulations, and standards.

On that note, there are numerous sectors today benefitting from facility management software. Today’s blog will shed light on the sectors that have benefited the most after investing in building maintenance software programs.

Facility Management Software Categories

There are several kinds of FM software used today, however, the ones mentioned below are used most commonly for day to day building maintenance solutions:

CAFM (Computer-aided facility management)

I) BIM (Building information modeling)

ii) Property Maintenance Software

iii) Digital Twins

iv) Smart Buildings

4 Sectors that are Profiting from Facility Management Solutions

1. Manufacturing

It can be quite overwhelming to manage industrial facilities, factories, and manufacturing plants simultaneously. There are many types of heavy equipment and machinery used in these outlets, along with additional cooling, heating, and utility systems for maintaining safety. The checklist for facility managers in contemporary factories includes the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced systems and robots.

Facility managers and their attendants have benefited greatly from the introduction of computer-aided, manufacturer facility management systems. These systems help them keep a better track of their facilities, equipment, personnel, and other assets. Improved visibility leads to more effective and actionable insights.

Consequently, the managers and their units can come up with compelling and achievable plans for maintenance and repair, so that they can submit timely proposals and pleas for replacements and investments, conduct better inventory checks and audits, and ensure that their facilities comply with all factory facility management regulations and standards.

2. Telecom & IT

An industry forecast by MarketsandMarkets reckoned facility management would grow by $59.33 billion by 2023, a staggering amount of growth from last year’s market value of $32.21 billion. One of the industries contributing to the extensive growth of facility management is Telecom and IT.

Now, going by how crucial Telecom and IT is for the modern world, this doesn’t come as a surprise at all; the industry is expanding, and facility management solutions are becoming heavily in demand as well. For the completion of critical projects, network upgrades, site management, and asset maintenance, these services are indispensable.

Moreover, broadcast stations, data centers, and communication towers are sensitive facilities that need continuous maintenance and supervision.

In the event of downtime, there might be a temporary loss of Internet communication and connection, which could prove very detrimental, not only to the operations of IT and telecom enterprises but also to their customers. This is why to avoid such situations these sectors are harnessing facility maintenance management software from the best companies in town at a rapid rate.

3. Real Estate

Construction firms, real estate professionals, and real estate asset managers utilize facility management outlets ranging from IWMS to CAFM and real estate asset management to monitor residential properties, offices, and commercial properties.

A key to maximizing profitability is keeping property assets in the best operating condition possible.

In real estate and construction, companies can schedule building repairs and perform them at the most appropriate times to minimize disturbance to tenants and employees as well as to entice investors and renters.

Companies can design office floors that maximize productivity. Additionally, the software helps resolve budding building issues such as cracks in walls, leaking pipes, HVAC issues, and fire alarms that fail. If there are other issues, the FM software can resolve them quickly before they become complicated and expensive as well.

4. Public Administration & Government Sectors

Another sector benefiting from facility management solutions is the public administration and government sectors. Each government is responsible for the optimal functioning of several sectors like seaports, hospitals, traffic, power station, military base, airports, railways, and a lot more.

Now, it is not always possible for the government to manually supervise thousands of such sectors. There is the question of safety, security, and meeting the growing demands of managing each of these facilities. This is where integrated facility management comes into play.

Beyond ensuring these facilities keep operating at a flawless pace, facility management solutions help managers and their teams to identify opportunities to upgrade current business processes and services.

In addition, the software allows the government to use the data collected and analyzed by the software to develop and implement new best practices to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing operational costs to save taxpayers money.


The above-mentioned sectors are the most dominant users of facility management solutions. Apart from these sectors, corporate offices, banking, financial sectors, and law and order are some other areas that use facility management services.

If you belong to any of these sectors and are looking to enhance your productivity and profit, make sure to invest in the best facility management software companies for high-end building management. On that note, do check out ARC Facility for the best building management services in town.


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