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Traditional and Modern Take on Dirndl Skirt Length

Traditional and Modern Take on Dirndl Skirt Length

Besides beautiful blooms, picturesque weather, and green pastures, springtime in the Alps brings longer days and shorter Dirndls! When the sun shines, and the snow has melted, pack up the winter articles and prepare for the exciting new Dirndls. A Dirndl from Lederhosen Store is your best bet to enjoy the balmy weather. 

Dirndl Dress

We will get into that shortly but, what is a Dirndl? – A Dirndl dress is a three-part – skirt, bodice, and apron – Alpine dress, most famous as an Oktoberfest costume. However, the Dirndl history does not start with Oktoberfest, and it goes way back. 

When the Dirndl was invented is still unknown, but we do know that the Dirndl dress originated from the Alpine region. This is fitting, considering the realism of a Dirndl garment – they are ideally suited for a life in the mountainous Alpine region. The long history of Dirndl dresses has put it through centuries of modifications in terms of design, cuts, and look.

It is understandable that different schools of thought now exist, that debate on the Dirndl skirt length in the context of what’s traditional and what’s not. So, what skirt length is appropriate for a traditional Dirndl dress? 

Traditional Dirndl Dress

Originally the skirts were long and made from heavy cotton fabric or linen. The ultra-traditional Dirndl dresses and Bavarian regional costume pieces are normally 90 cm. However, the trending Dirndls of today – that are called traditional Dirndl – are around 70cm or 60cm. The longest Dirndl skirts of all available variety today. Check out our new Dirndl dresses and enjoy. 

 Midi Dirndl – Mid-Length Dirndl Dress

Midi Dirndl costumes are high in demand for Oktoberfest and other social occasions. Not only is a midi Dirndl trendy, but also comfortable to wear in mild weather. Midi-Dirndl clocks are around 50cm, so their hem will sit around or above the knees – that is however subjective to the wearer’s height. We believe that anything that comes below 60cm is a short Dirndl and anything shorter than that – is too short to be called a Dirndl. 

Traditional and Modern Take on Dirndl Skirt Length

Traditionalists argue; there is a fine line to alter the look of a traditional dress, while the modernists disagree on the grounds of innovating the cultural garb to suit modern life. It also depends on how much a traditional outfit is chosen as a trendy fashion item. According to traditionalists, the bone of contention regarding Dirndl dresses is that 90cm is a must, while the modernists argue; that they are boosting the Bavarian trachten fashion. 

Recently, however, things have calmed down to less controversial debates regarding traditional and modern take on dirndl skirt length. Many Bavarians still prefer a Dirndl length over the knees – most importantly at formal events like weddings – but mostly, they now accept a shorter Dirndl length on a young woman. 

Having said that, if you are looking for a shorter Dirndl that can be worn at summer or spring parties or to Oktoberfest – enjoy our gorgeous collection of Midi-Dirndls. 

How to Accessorize a Dirndl Dress?

Pairing and accessorizing a dirndl is a no-brainer – you can use jewelry and ornaments already in your collection to pair with a trendy dirndl dress. Source some floral earring, bracelets, necklaces or hair jewelry – you can also go for an Edelweiss flower pendent with a velvet or silk ribbon choker. The possibilities in the jewelry department are endless.  

Sport a flower tiara or a crown – the flowers can even be fresh if you feel like it. for us natural flowers do add a gorgeous charm to the wearer. 

Where can I wear a Dirndl? 

Dirndls are versatile garment and have way more sway in style and application then one might expect. Dirndls are made from multiple materials and can be used in formal, to semi-formal to casual occasions –depending on their style and the exquisite material used in their production. 

Cotton and linen dirndl with similar material apron can be used in daily routine or for some semi-formal occasions – the dirndls are a breezy yet classy outfit so it has other application too. 

A silk and velvet dirndl is perfect for formal occasions such as a church gathering or a wedding. For weddings the brides can opt for white lacey dirndl models and the bridesmaids can also pick some non-flashy yet classy versions of the iconic dirndl dress. 

However, it is important to seek professional advice before you choose any dirndl for a wedding, so where can you get a lovely dirndl and some sound advices? 

Dirndl for Sale

Dirndl dresses at our online shop, Lederhosen Store, are world-class pieces of designer Dirndl. From traditional Dirndl dress to vintage Dirndl to our collection of modern Dirndl dresses – at Lederhosen Store, we have anything and everything you need. Whether for a private party, Oktoberfest, or a couple’s Oktoberfest party at home. Enjoy our exclusive collection of designer Dirndl costumes that too at fantastic discount prices. Check out and enjoy our amazing Dirndl Sale.

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