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Types of rigid boxes for shipping purposes

Types of rigid boxes for shipping purposes

Rigid boxes always fulfill your need for the product you want to deliver. They fit in your products perfectly and keep them safe during shipping. Boxes are one of the most undervalued human inventions. But in the real world, they are the backbone of the packaging sector. These customized boxes hold significant importance to retailers, manufacturers, or wholesalers. They package your products safely and help in giving your brand a unique identity. Among a variety of packaging options, rigid boxes are an exceptional one. We commonly use them for product packaging and gift-giving. However, many businesses have also started using them to fulfill their shipping needs.
The reason behind the success of these boxes is their sturdy structural design. They make the packaging from top-grade material, durable to withstand transportation hardships. The most exciting thing about rigid packaging is that you can design it in any style, depending upon your need. Explain different types of rigid packages that are best for shipping purposes:

  1. Rigid Boxes with Magnetic Closures:
    We can relate the satisfying mechanism of magnetic closure rigid boxes with the two magnets making a firm lock to close. The design is similar to the packaging to seal the box. As it has a solid structure, customers will never be willing to throw these boxes out. We can use them as excellent storage units for jewelry, cosmetics, etc. These magnetic closures keep your products safe during shipping. It’s why businesses are using them to deliver their goods even a long distance. Customize them according to the desired dimensions to create a perfect fit. Most of them also come with built-in thermoformed trays or cardboard inserts to enhance the level of protection.
    This magnetic closure box is perfect for providing a fantastic unboxing experience to the users. It creates a unique, high-end feel and usually comes in two styles, i.e., standard and collapsible. Standard has a durable and strong structure that remains fixed. While collapsible is shipped flat, reducing your shipping expense. However, both of them are used extensively for shipping purposes these days.
  2. Telescopic Boxes:
    Telescopic boxes are also referred to as 2-piece custom rigid boxes. They come with a tray and a lid, coming off the base. The structure is similar to the way a telescoping top covers the lens. Such type of structural design makes these boxes ideal for shipping purposes. It adds sophistication to your product display and meets the required safety standards. Therefore, it also creates a tremendous unboxing feel. Apple iPhone boxes are an excellent example of it. High-end telescopic luxury packaging is made with exact measurements to allow friction and a minimal opening speed. Telescopic boxes are the sturdiest type of packaging as there are four faces of the lid and the base, overlapping each other when closed. You will see them be used for the shipping of hundreds of everyday used goods.
    Partial cover rigid packages are telescopic boxes where the lid covers only a small part of the base. This makes it even easier to open and close.
  3. Drawer Style Rigid Sleeve Boxes:
    It’s always gratifying to open a drawer-shaped packaging that reveals your products beautifully. Luxury rigid boxes with sleeves are a fantastic type of packaging. They commonly use it to showcase your retail products with grace or send them to their desired destination. These boxes often come with an attached ribbon pull or a thumb-hole. They also provide an incredible experience to the customers. If used during shipment, they keep your product safe and sound. The best part, you can also design these boxes with an integrated mechanism for child safety.
  4. Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes
    Shoulder neck boxes are another attractive rigid box design. This type of packaging has multiple layers. It includes the bottom shoulders and the middle neck upon which a lid lay on the top. It is an ideal type of packaging used to meet shipping demands these days. Since it provides a unique unboxing, customize it according to your branding colors and a specific theme to create a distinct identity. Neck shoulder luxury packaging often combines with inserts to provide a more elegant display.
    Designers often prefer to leave the neck portion of the custom rigid boxes partially exposed. It gives a multi-layer expression to create a sense of mystery. This surprises the customers as they gaze upon a high-value product out of their shipment.
  5. Rigid Tube Boxes:
    It’s another innovative type of rigid packaging solution. The tube box has a cylindrical shape with no corners and a round base. Hence, we usually design it in the form of a shoulder style to facilitate opening. These boxes are unique in shape. We design them from stiff eco-friendly paper to make your products stand out on shelves. The best example of a rigid tube is a Pringles container. We supply the crisps all over the world. The packaging is so durable that it keeps the delicate products safe from all types of damage. In the same, rigid tube boxes can be used to package and ship small items like drinks, cosmetics, apparel, stationery, and other accessories.
    Rigid boxes offer ultimate safety and appeal to your high-value products. Due to their extraordinary features, the businesses have started using them for shipping. They appear much different from traditional-looking boxes in various aspects. They provide additional support to your products and help deliver them safely to the destination. So whether you are going to ship electronics, apparel, mobile phone perfumes, or any other electronic gadget, by using such type of packaging, you no longer have to worry anymore. As we make them from solid material, we wrap them with some other material to soften up the look. It adds a little more design and a touch of brand-ability and enhances your product protection.


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