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Home Business Uae Embassy Attestation| Benefits, Procedure, And Services

Uae Embassy Attestation| Benefits, Procedure, And Services

Uae Embassy Attestation| Benefits, Procedure, And Services

There is different embassy set up in various countries of the world. People require certificates from these embassies when settling abroad or going for employment. However, every country follows the procedure in the capital city. This certificate is legal proof of the person as a citizen carrying an attestation stamp. Here, you will read about the benefits of the attestation certificate issued by the embassy. Scroll down to get an idea about the UAE embassy attestation and documents required in the procedure. It helps you get through the legal process. 

Advantages of embassy attestation

  • Mandatory documents for visiting a foreign country
  • Evidence of an average citizen without criminal records
  • Category of the person and permanent address proof

Why are the attestation services mandatory?

The attestation stamp services from the embassy have become compulsory because of verification procedures. It is a governmental document issued to citizens to travel abroad without any hassle. The authority grants permission only to clean citizens having no criminal records in history in the eyes of the law.

Procedure for the attestation services

  • Attestation is a personal document issued commercially to the traveling citizen
  • It meets the needs of the citizen in simple steps by verifying personal documents and nationality
  • People can travel freely for employment, education, or any other purpose with this attested document
  • The embassy of the respective country receives the documents of your country through the procedure

Who is responsible for attestation?

Sometimes, the individual attests to the documents because of the signature requirement on the government stamp or envelope. Different departments are responsible for degree attestation in the UAE and issuing the certificate in respective countries, such as the ministry of external affairs. Uae embassy attestation handles abroad matters, certificates, visas, and other documents. Embassy of different countries keeps in touch with the external affairs department for document verification.

Some Middle East countries have an additional department for foreign matters, which further attests the documents for specific individuals. 

Levels of attestation

  • The notary people sign the documents first by putting a signature.
  • Attestation is given to personal documents like birth or marriage certificates for validation.
  • Human resource departments are responsible for signing education documents for the students traveling abroad. Universities do not allow foreign nationals without attested documents. 
  • This is the last department for attesting documents, known as MEA. They put the attested stamp above every document submitted in the office. 

Services of attestation

Departments sitting in the office put a stamp on every document by receiving a nominal charge in return. Employers and students need to attest to their documents before traveling abroad. The formalities are all filled up through the procedures as given by the office departments. However, people can get any of their personal documents degree attestation use by submitting in the office beforehand.

Final thoughts

Briefly, the attestation procedure includes many crucial steps to be followed by individuals. It gives the documentation ready for working abroad. Translators also help in the process for people who do not understand a specific language. 


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