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Video Production Company New York City

Video Production Company New York City

Every business company who doesn’t have videos posted on its website or has any social media presence is considered to be outdated. According to research that found 92% of major companies around the globe employ videos as a way for marketing, promotion or customer service. The majority of them are beginning to realize that videos and the internet have expanded their reach and are the most popular as an online medium in the present. Newspapers, radio, and television have been deemed obsolete in the realm of marketing and do not are a viable way for companies to connect with their clients. Production companies for video have realized the dreams and catering to all desires for creativity from small-scale businesses to huge corporations. The number of videos has increased in their reach but are becoming shorter in length. The Video Production Company New York City has traveled an extensive and profitable route to date and still are still battling further. Here’s why.

1. Digitization

Film production was an enormous issue in the past, but not so long ago when there was no digital recording. Film production required large rolls, massive equipment for production as well as a large crew. advanced editing tools that costing a fortune. However, today, even smartphones can be used to record high-definition video. Digital video is smaller to store, and cloud computing allows storage of hundreds of TBs of data easily. With the advancement of animation and graphics today, it’s possible to convey impossible thoughts on the screen. 3D technologies have made video truly interactive.

New York City Video Production Companies

2. Internet

The world has become an international community and everybody is connected to one another. Companies cannot get an even larger and connected audience elsewhere and that’s why online marketing has become everyone’s preferred these days. According to research, 85% of the people who watch videos online about the same product or service tend to purchase the item or join to the service. Videos establish a direct connection between the buyer and the product, due to their concise and powerful storytelling. More than 72 hours of video are posted on YouTube every minute, and more than the 3 billion hours video content are watched each monthly on YouTube. With everyone being so connected to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter the term “word of mouth” has an entirely new meaning. With the variety of sharing options available every person shares anything that they find fascinating. Videos that are innovative and original in short duration from video production companies receive greater acceptance in a matter of hours, and then go viral. The word gets distributed across hundreds or thousands of viewers in just a few minutes. The internet is an extensive open, accessible and well-connected medium and, at present, the most efficient way for companies to promote their product or service and for video production companies to show their talents.

3. Cost Effective

As technology advances in electronics, everything is becoming more compact and affordable. We have seen people move from big television screens to smaller devices with clear and crisp displays. This technology advancement is the reason why businesses are no longer looking for large production companies with outdated concepts to fulfill their creative requirements. They are more inclined to video production companies that offer unique concepts that connect with people. Furthermore, the equipment used in production is less expensive while editing equipment is readily available at a bargain price. These production companies create high-quality corporate videos at a cheaper cost. Internet is an non-cost medium, and businesses are not required to spend millions of dollars to purchase media space. Therefore, there’s an opportunity to win for both sides as the videos go all over the internet!

The world of information and technology in a relatively short period. Production Companies Based in New York City are aware of this trend and are aiming at creating videos that are creative and not long but extremely efficient. With marketing campaigns using the use of videos in greater numbers than and with technology making production of videos easier the video production industry definitely have much to learn!


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