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Ways To Make Shipping More Reliable


For the past two years, the shipping industry has faced many challenges and problems for companies involved and affected customers. 

What Are the Problems Facing Shipping?

The major problems facing the shipping industry include:

High Shipping Fees

The alarming increment in shipping fees is not a modern-day problem. But in recent times, these fees seem to have sky-rocketed. They are discouraging many potential clients from engaging the services of a shipping company.

Shipping Timelines

Indefinite shipping timelines have raised concerns about shipping services, too. The agony of not knowing when a shipment will arrive gives a lot of customers headaches. But recently, tech companies have developed software to help with this problem. The introduction of real-time tracking apps helps monitor the movement of goods from their point of origin to their destination points.

The Inability of Customers to Track Their Packages

The failure of customers to follow up on their packages is one of the major problems facing the shipping industry. There is a lack of accountability and communication between the drivers and the customers, creating crossroads that affect both drivers and customers.

2 Ways to Make Shipping More Reliable

Satisfying your customers is a big issue when it comes to delivering packages; this means that owners need to devise strategies through which they can make their customers trust them, and they are:

1. Electronic Proof of Delivery

An electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) is digital software installed on different mobile devices which facilitates data capture to verify delivery orders. It is digital record-keeping software that eliminates paperwork and captures only relevant data and pictures needed to confirm an order.

Advantages of using electronic proof of delivery include:

  • Reduced Paperwork and Accurate Record-Keeping

Digital record-keeping reduces the amount of paperwork required to verify an order. Customer data is more organized, and there is no incidence of lost paperwork or missed invoices. It fastens the process of record-keeping and increases company efficiency.

Electronic proof of delivery allows businesses to collect and store delivery proof faster than paper methods. Electronic proof of delivery also protects your delivery team from the risk of incorrectly inputting package details, wrong addresses, false claims, potential disputes and other shipping errors.

  • Schedule Drivers Itineraries

Electronic Proof of delivery aids companies in managing drivers’ workloads and apportioning their schedules to encourage efficiency and reduce stress and fatigue. There is an easy flow of communication between the driver and the customer waiting to receive the order. Someone can quickly inform the driver of cancellation and confirmation of orders before leaving the station.

  • Sign On Glass

It is easier to capture and record a customer’s signature and details through an electronic proof of delivery app. There is no need for signing on paper or filling out forms. Capturing of signatures takes place online.

It also records pickups and delivery instantly. The company can Inform drivers regarding the packages they are mobilizing in case of an unforeseen circumstance.

  • Proof of Presence

An ePOD software like TransVirtual provides GPS tracking, photos, QR, or barcodes as evidence of delivery. This method will eliminate imposters and cases of drivers pulling up at the wrong addresses.

2. Real-Time Delivery Tracking

Real-time delivery tracking offers an estimated arrival time and updates customers on their packages. It provides them with an accurate image of their goods as it transits from the port to their intended destination. Real-time delivery tracking benefits the company and the client.

Real-time delivery helps the company to:

  • Minimize Unnecessary Delays and Avoid Extra Fees

This system of tracking deliveries helps to anticipate delays at pick-up and drop-off points. Another employee can review these delays and relate them to the driver. Unavoidable delays could result in rescheduling and implicitly reduce detention fees.

  • Locating the Truck at Every Point

Using this helps to pinpoint the exact location of every truck in its fleet rather than continuously checking up on drivers to determine where they are. Tracking software like Detrack helps you monitor each vehicle at every point of the delivery.

  • Ensures That Drivers Get to Their Destination

Real-time tracking software has navigation setups that allow drivers to find even the most remote addresses.

  • Predict an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Detrack measures the travel distance, then calculates and produces a reasonable time frame for goods to reach their destination. This information makes customers not paranoid about when to expect their deliveries.

  • Monitor the Movement of Their Goods

The tracking of goods is made possible through a combination of GPS tracking and status updates from the field. Customers can monitor drivers’ activities in real-time and be aware of unexpected delays.

Accurate delivery tracking will help companies provide better customer service and operate efficiently. Real-time delivery tracking has revolutionized transportation, not just shipping, all over the world.


Modern problems require modern solutions. This proverb applies to the shipping industry.

Technological advancements have provided shipping companies and their customers with software that can help pinpoint the location of their cargo as they travel overseas and on land. This software is easy to use and extremely helpful to each party involved.


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