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Home Game We were introduced to 8 classics of pool billiards

We were introduced to 8 classics of pool billiards

We were introduced to 8 classics of pool billiards

Another interesting name that connects the mobile phone to one historical classic: billiards. In addition, the multiplayer system allows us to host games and tournaments for up to eight players. The graphics are great and the physics of the balls and sides has become very successful, so it is suitable for even the most advanced players in the pool. Swap boards, get the best tacos and compete for the best.

Fatal conflict and a lot of blood for adults

Mortal Combat is expected to stay on traditional game consoles, but we have it on mobile phones with the same blood as its older Siblings, and PEGI18 downloads are included for this. Therefore, it is not suitable for domestic children. Individual or group fights can be organized using 3 on 3 with the most attractive characters in fighting games. Up to 130 characters to develop bloody battles that you can organize instantly on your mobile. Note that this is not just a multiplayer game, it’s only online. Is there a link or a coincidence. Glow Hockey 2 or Why Air Hockey Never Gets Old and titles will keep appearing so you do not lose a particular system over time. It’s a multiplayer game, yes, but on the machine itself. Keep your mobile phone on the table and stand near the court, as you will have to push the ball to score more goals than your opponent. Also, the title neon is enough to make it one of your favorites. The best? It weighs only 11 MB, so it can be installed on any currently popular Android mobile phone.

Bomband, lots of fun

If there’s one thing about explosives, it’s what we mentioned earlier in the title: it’s very interesting. Error? It depends on the type of game. Every now and then he goes to the village, sets the flag of the enemy, and then knocks everything off the table. Politics? Throw in your way a variety of explosives from TNT to mines with the inevitable glue bombs. You can also play a local multiplayer game with up to eight players 메이저사이트. Do you see friends constantly throwing bombs at each other? Time. One of the most popular cards is also available on mobile phones. This is ONE that allows us to play against three more friends if we want. Avoid all cards for other cards, use a variety of tricks, such as changing the color of the card you are playing, reversing the line, and drawing or adding two or four others. The best part is that it is completely free. All you have to do is connect with Facebook to challenge your friends.


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