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Wedding Decor: Mistakes To Avoid And Its Solutions

Wedding Decor: Mistakes To Avoid And Its Solutions

Everyone desires to make their wedding a grand celebration. Besides food, decoration has a major role in deciding the tone of your event space. Every little entity in decoration contributes to either making or breaking your event.

After planning everything intricately, you feel good, but things may go haywire when D-day arrives. It only takes a few seconds for an event to fall flat or hit. If it doesn’t come out like you expect, in the end, it not only costs you money but some precious moments too.

On bride and groom entry, you may feel that the lighting is too dim, the entrance gate is not very impressive, or the stage could be more beautiful. There could be many other loopholes that you can find after the implementation of your decoration ideas.

  1. Not understanding the venue

Not visiting the venue is a major mistake anyone can make. Space availability at the venue is critical to understanding the decoration view. At least you can figure out which decorative elements to place where. Understand why taking a round of your wedding venue is so important?

Why should you take a round of your wedding venue?

Moving around the wedding venue, you can realize which part of the space needs more focus. It will give you an idea of how the decoration will flow from the entrance to the stage. This becomes more important if you plan to decorate your wedding venue according to the theme. For instance, you can rent a beautiful backdrop for a wedding in Tulsa, OK, and place it at the entrance.

  1. Imitating Ideas from the internet

Imitating internet ideas is the next major mistake that any couple can make. It is easy to get swayed by beautiful Pinterest pictures; imitating their ideas can kill your original thoughts. It is better to be realistic and not exaggerate your expectations under the influence of internet pictures. However, it doesn’t mean you must compromise on your dream decoration. There are other means to make your dream decor come true. Let’s check them out.

How to enhance your decoration without imitating ideas from the internet?

The best way to do so is by taking inspiration from the real source. Observe every little detail when you visit any special event in Tulsa, OK, and see how they used the wedding ceremony centerpiece, how the lighting is, and the overall ambiance.

  1. Too much emphasis on stage

Usually, couples give their full attention to the stage and ignore the other part of the venue. Remember that your guests will catch the vibe on entering and carry it until they reach the stage. If you put all your effort into decorating the stage, you will not reap the results.  So, start the decoration with the entrance. Let’s see how we can do it.

How can you decorate your entrance?

Use a balloon arch or a wooden backdrop to decorate the entrance. You can also use neon sign lights at the entrance to give directions to your guests.

  1. Using too many flowers

Using too many flowers is not a good idea. Although flowers are mood enhancers, they can give your guests a calming effect, but using too many can irritate them. So, balance your decoration with lights, drapes, and other decorative elements, and don’t rely only on flowers. Let’s see how you can diversify your decoration with unique pieces.

How can you diversify your decoration?

For decoration of any special event, you can rent any decorative piece from a reputed rental company. You can find several options with a rental company in Tulsa, OK, for bridal shower decorations like a unique backdrop, marquee lights, and ceremonial rings.

  1. Not renting decorative pieces

Don’t exhaust your energy in searching for decorative pieces in the market. Because you don’t need decorative elements after your special event, buying them doesn’t make any sense. It is better to rent them from a trusted source. It would be affordable, convenient, and smart as you can return those decorative pieces to the rental company. Another benefit of renting is finding multiple options to explore with the rental company.


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