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What a Hammock and a Hanging Daybed Swing Might Have in Common with Helping You Sleep

What a Hammock and a Hanging Daybed Swing Might Have in Common with Helping You Sleep

About 70 million Americans, or about 20% of the country’s population, struggle with chronic sleep problems. Many more likely have trouble with sleep but are undiagnosed or manage the issue as they see fit.

Across the spectrum, stress, medical concerns, lifestyle habits, diet and more can have an adverse impact on sleep. For many Americans, getting enough sleep is a serious problem.

For some, getting relief means changing up routines or looking into alternate methods of rest and relaxation. While it’s not a medical fix and is only supported by anecdotal evidence, some look into solutions like more supportive mattresses or even hammocks.

For years, rumors have been circulating that hammocks and other similar solutions – like hanging bed swings – can afford a better sense of relaxation or even bring better sleep. So what is the reason that there is such a persistent belief that suspended sleeping brings better rest and relaxation?

Let’s just take a look at hammocks, for instance. While there are no conclusive, comprehensive sleep study analyses available on the effects of sleeping in a hammock, there are some minor studies that offer evidence that sleeping in a hammock actually can provide better quality sleep.

For instance, the gentle swaying motion of a hammock may be able to help users get deeper sleep. A 2011 study suggested that those who sleep in a hammock – or a swinging bed, like a hanging daybed swing – may be able to fall asleep faster and get deeper sleep.

There is also speculation that the rocking motion of a hammock may be calming and relaxing to the sleeper, which can also improve the quality of sleep.

There are also a few other speculative benefits of sleeping in a hammock, such as pressure point relief. Evidently, for those that suffer from back or joint problems, sleeping in a hammock can help alleviate some of the discomforts that arise from these concerns. Again, this is anecdotal and supported by any long-term study.

The pressure point relief, for instance, is not necessarily relevant to those that might be interested in outfitting their home with a unique hanging daybed swing – but the gentle rocking motion that might help users get to sleep faster and sleep more deeply is.

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Each bed swing is finished using three coats of outdoor-grade varnish, making them resilient to rot, insects, and the elements – and many are ideal for use outdoors as well as indoors.

They’re also available with a wide range of different paint finishes and are customizable with an equally wide range of outdoor cushions. Four Oak Bed Swings also ships their hanging daybed swings with a standard, 1” manila rope so they are ready to hang.

In addition, all of their bed swings ship assembled so there is less work for you at the end of the day. Simply hang it in your den, bedroom, porch, or patio and enjoy the relaxation.

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