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What are 3 interesting facts about UAE?


Dubai has always been magnificent with the beauty it delivers to the world. It is located between Oman and Saudia Arabia. This Federation was born in 1971, and it has been five decades since its existence. 

Nowadays, it has become an important place for people to visit, dune buggy Dubai, arrange trips with loved ones, etc. 

Fortunately, we have gathered here 3 exciting facts about UAE that will amaze you. 

  1. World’s First Zero Carbon, Zero Waste, and Car-Free City

 In 2008, a city named “Masdar City” was introduced, and it was a massive experiment held. The plan for this city was to be World’s First Zero Carbon, Zero Waste, and Car-Free City. This was not like other cities, but the roads were also made so that you could walk on them quickly. 

The main stage costs an expected USD 20 bn. Initially, specialists anticipated a 50,000 populace; however, just 1,300 inhabitants live here today. There are around 4,000 office laborers – for the most part working for the sustainable beginning up firms – working here.

  1. World’s First Seven Star Hotel

UAE also has the world’s first-ever seven-star hotel named Burj Al Arab. It is situated right on the artificial island Jumeirah Beach. 

It’s since slipped to the fourth spot. The inn opened in 1999 and was planned by Tom Wright to look like a boat’s sail. The lodging highlights an armada of white Rolls Royce vehicles, the world’s most memorable Oceanside porch, and a menu for cushions.

  1. Gold from ATM 

Dread not; you’ll never get found out without your bullion in the future. The UAE flaunts the world’s most memorable gold-apportioning ATMs. The framework also refreshes costs at regular intervals to reflect constant market variances.


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