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What are cartridges for tattoo?

What are cartridges for tattoo?

The best tattoo cartridges for you all come with your specific tattoo style, how you work, and the machine you use. Our guide will help you find needle patterns you can trust and help you take your work to the next level!

If you need more information about our various tattoo cartridges or need help choosing the right one for you, feel free to contact us today!

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Deadly ink star cartridge

Killer Ink Stellar Needle Cartridge for high-quality cartridges with precision soldered needles at a high price.

The needles inside the Stellar Cartridges are enclosed in a capsule, made of super-strong polycarbonate material, which allows the needles to flow quickly without damage. In addition, the cartridge cases are transparent and offer the highest visibility of needles and ink flowing in.

Each Killer Ink Stellar Cartridge is equipped with a secure membrane that ensures that no ink or blood enters the handle.

Killer Ink Stellar Needle Cartridges are available in a variety of configurations, including Round Liners, Round Shaders, Magnums, Soft-Edge Magnums, and Flats. Round sleeves and round shaders are equipped with a special stabilizer that prevents needle vibration, so they are ideal for strong and precise work.

Deadly precision ink cartridges

With more than 100 different configurations, our Killer Ink Precision Needle Cartridge range will cover all your needs!

Each Precision Cartridge undergoes rigorous quality controls to ensure that they meet the highest standards every hour. All needles are inspected to ensure that only the best pass the selection procedure.

Our Killer Ink Precision cartridges are equipped with a secure membrane, which ensures that no ink or blood penetrates through the grip.

These cartridges have a smooth, shaped tip that allows the needles to flow easily into the cartridge. In addition, the tip is completely transparent and offers a full view of the needles that extend into the skin.

Killer Ink Precision Needle Cartridges are available in the same five configurations as our Stellar Cartridges: Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum, Soft-Edge Magnum, and Flat.

Cheyenne capillary cassette

Cheyenne cartridges are some of the best and most used in the tattoo industry and now the German manufacturer has taken the development of their needles one step further.

Introducing the Cheyenne Capillary Cartridges has all the features you’d expect from a Cheyenne while offering the Tatras a new and improved work experience.

Inside the top of the cartridge are capillaries with ink tanks that allow these Cheyenne cartridges to absorb more tattoo ink than conventional cartridges. The result is an inkjet that lasts up to 10 times longer than usual before you need to immerse it in the ink cap.

The Cheyenne Capillary Cartridge ensures that tattoo ink is evenly distributed across all individual needles, even in large magnum configurations. This ensures better tattoo results and less trauma to the skin because the faces are always full, reliable, and faster.

Cheyenne capillary cartridges are available in Liner, Magnum, and Soft-Edge Magnum configurations in boxes of 10 or 20.

Cheyenne Clear Craft Cartridges

The Cheyenne Clear Craft Cartridges have been updated with the brand to now have a colorless, transparent case for a clearer view of the ink flow inside.

In addition, Cheyenne slightly modified the shape of its Clear Craft Cartridges with grooves and a slimmer shape to support the handle when changing cartridges and tattoos.

What sets Cheyenne Clear Crafts apart from other needle magazines is its simplified design. The tips are made of plastic mold for medical purposes and are designed to withstand the constant movement of needles and ensure that they do not break or release small pieces of plastic on your client’s skin.

Cheyenne’s Clear Craft Cartridges also have an internal safety membrane that protects your machine and client by stopping any fluid flowing up and down.

Clear Craft Cartridges are compatible with grip magazines and machines that accept Cheyenne needle magazines and come in one of four configurations: Liner, Shader, Magnum, and Soft-Edge Magnum.


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