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What exactly matches the number?

What exactly matches the number?
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For underwear, there is a summary of some interesting facts about the South Ending terms of land area, the South end is England’s 314th largest area, covering 41.76 square kilometers. With a population of 159,300, it is the 100th most populous region in the English-speaking world. The density of the city is 3,815 square kilometers. According to the 2001 census; the South End population is young. About a quarter of the total population is in the 25-29 (13%) and 20-24 (12%) age groups. Next, track the age groups 40-44 and 30-34, respectively, in 10% of the population. The two least populated age groups are on the other side of the spectrum. 85 years old and over (4%) and 80-84 years old (6%).

Ethnically, the South End is predominantly

 White and has a white population (95.8%). South Asia is followed by 1.7%. The rest of the South End population is mostly black or Caribbean African. The South End is divided into 17 divisions, each with a four-year term and three out of a total of 51 councilors. Members of the council are elected by one-third. That is, voters elect one-third of the council each year, with no elections for the next year. After the 2007 local elections, the council was divided as follows: 30 conservative council members, 10 Liberal Democratic Party council members, 7 labor council members, and 4 independent council members. Most daily council decisions are made by an executive cabinet of 10 members.

There is a sister town in the South End

. This is related to the holidays in Soot, Poland. There are important reasons for this relationship. First, the South End once had the longest sightseeing port in the world Soot has the longest wooden stick in Europe. Economically, the South End has grown steadily over the last decade, according to a survey by the National Bureau of Statistics. Total value added in the South End region has steadily increased from 73 1373 million in 1995 to 21 1821 million in 2000 and 20 2083 million in 2003. Service is a major sector of the British pound economy and is 161665 million inches. 2,000. The industrial sector, including financial intermediary services, contributed 30,305 million to the South End economy in 1995. The study also showed that agriculture has been significantly deregulated over the last 12 years. Agriculture, including credit and forestry, contributed to the South End economy of less than .000 2,000,000 in 1995, 1 million in 2000 and less than 1 million in 2003.

When it comes to transportation, the South

 End is well serviced by modern transportation routes. The city has an airport (South Airport), two trains (Liverpool Street via South end Victoria and London, Till bury, Fen search Street via South end, two major roads (A127 and A13), two major bus companies. There are (Arriva South end and First Bus Essex).

Another good source of non-serious material

 Is South End education. Did you know, for example, that the South End is one of the few areas that is still functioning in the high school system? In fact, there are four such high schools in the South End. Westcliffe High School for Boys, Westcliffe High School for Girls, South end High School for Boys, South end High School for Girls. Holy. Bernard for women. In addition, there are six full-time high school students in the South End with mixed gender

 These are Cecil Jones College, Cheval

 INS High School, Chase High School (formerly Plain well High School, and Thorpe Bay High School (later known as Futures College). Meanwhile, Southeast Essex College is leading the way in providing more education in the South end. Educated at the University of Essex, the university offers more than 30 degree courses. Along the harbor and beach, there are more than a dozen attractions and entertainment for recreation and entertainment. The Peter Pan 꽁머니 is the largest amusement park with over 50 different rides. In addition, the region will host Europe’s largest free air show, the South end-on-Season.


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