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What Is Google Adwords ( PPC) & How Does It Work?

What Is Google Adwords ( PPC) & How Does It Work?

Procuring results in the form of traffic, leads & sales is sluggish with SEO. There are times when we get peevish since it has been a long time that we were cooling our heels for the upshots. Thereupon, we are persuaded to bank on PPC.

What is PPC?

 PPC is an acronym for ‘Pay Per Click’. It is a paid advertising technique that empowers you to bid for the keywords you want to get ranked. You are only obligated to pay if your ad is clicked on, or a potential lead has responded to a call-to-action (submitted personal details, called you, messaged you, purchased from you). 

Which platforms are helpful for running PPC ads?

Here are some assorted platforms that benefit you with PPC ads:

Social Media ads like: Facebook ads Instagram ads Linkedin ads Twitter ads
Search Engine Ads like: Google Ads Microsoft Ads 

Which ad platform is most convenient for PPC Executives? 

It is Google Adwords. When it comes to dispensing top-flight PPC Management services, PPC executives prefer to use Google Adwords. They have every confidence that it can assist them in reaching their goals with an increased ROI. The main ground for that is; it helps businesses climb the peaks of ‘Ranking’ by banking on ‘Search Engine Platforms’ & ‘Partner Sites’. 

Can I use Google Adwords for FREE? 

The most expected question! You NEED TO PAY some amount to activate your PPC Canada Campaigns; nonetheless, it is FREE if you use it for ‘Keyword Research’. 

Are Google Adwords and SEO the same? 

Both Google Adwords and SEO can individually & exclusively be a part of your SEO strategy. These two are different terms with distinctive meanings. Let us get clear about their differences: 

Google AdwordsSEO 
Paid Instant ResultsCampaign Over = Profit Over Pay only if you get clickedUnpaidDelayed ResultsCampaign Over = Profit ContinuesPay for the setup whether you are clicked or not

Now, if you are hit by a question: ‘Which one is better among SEO & PPC?’, then here is the answer.

Both the SEO & PPC are better than each other, provided you know your goals, deadlines and budget. 

Can Google Adwords Pay you?

Why Not? If advertisers are approaching you to make your website’s ad space available to them for the specified period, then you can get paid. Advertisers approach you through Google Adwords, so in that way, Google Adwords can pay you. 

There is an ad space on your website that you have made available for the advertisers to show their ads. You are definitely not doing it for free. You will be charging money. What if more than one advertiser approaches you to show their ads? How will you choose whom to say ‘YES’? Of course, ‘BIDDING’. The advertiser with the highest bid will catch your interest. 

What is the difference between Adwords & Adwords? 

Adwords Adsense
Help Businesses place BIDSHelp Publishers sell ad space to Businesses. 

Wind Up!

A well-strategized marketing plan is a combination of SEO & PPC. Organic traffic is essential for your site, undoubtedly. Still, we must get leveraged with PPC occasionally as it derives massive traffic, potential leads and an escalation in sales within the shortest period. 

SEO and PPC should be used exclusively but mutually. If these are used altogether, then the profits would get doubled up. 

Are you an aspiring PPC Executive? If yes, I bet you would have loved our article. You can let us know if you are willing to read more such blogs and articles on PPC.


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