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What is Megalophobia and It’s Treatment

What is Megalophobia and It’s Treatment

What is megalophobia? In simple terms, megalophobia is the fear of large objects. People who are megalophobic are afraid and intimidated by any large body, be it buildings, aircraft, stretching expanses (like the ocean or the interior of a large hall). Generally, people avoid the things and places that trigger their phobia, and in case they have to inevitably come in contact with them, they spend considerable time dreading and thinking about it beforehand. These all are verfied by psychiatrist near me for anxiety.

Treating and Overcoming Megalophobia

Phobias are not untreatable nor are they always permanent. Most phobias can go away with time or with gradual exposure. For example, if a person has the fear of cats, getting gradually in contact with them can eliminate the phobia. This would involve merely looking at cats at first, then getting in close proximity to them and having them walk around, and then finally petting them and picking them up. Such a process is known as exposure therapy.

The tough part of overcoming any phobia is to force yourself to face the object/situation you fear. It can seem like mental torture, but it is one of the most effective ways to make the fear go away.

Talking and expressing the fear to a close family member can also be helpful. If the phobia has some serious effects on your health, it is better to let your family know so that there is no confusion or unnecessary worry in case you have to go through the feared situation at any time.

Exposure therapy

Nevertheless, coming back to the point in hand, treating and overcoming megalophobia requires exposure to large objects. The desire to avoid the latter can be strong and overwhelming, but this type of circumvention usually results in the fear getting built up and becoming something utterly terrorizing. Cleveland clinic insomnia is best therapy center in Cleveland.

Here are some things you can try:

  • Look at images of large objects: If you want to start with baby steps, try looking at some pictures of colossal and huge objects, buildings, and spaces. While this is not as effective as physically being close, this will create some degree of familiarity, and you may feel slightly less intimidated.
  • ●       Don’t avoid large things…just because they’re large: If on your daily walk to the store or to your work, you are in the habit of avoiding a route just because there happens to be a large building or structure on it, try and bring yourself to take it (the route) nevertheless. This can be quite effective since you will be able to routinely get some degree of exposure. If you feel like not looking at the large object/building at first, try to walk close to it and catch it in your peripheral vision.

Similarly, if you routinely choose to opt for a certain mode of transport just because the alternative is large and overwhelming, try and ease yourself into using the latter regularly. For example, if you opt for a small and stuffy van just because the bus creates fear in you, try and go for the bus instead.


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