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What is the difference between nylon and polyester rope?


By all accounts, they seem, by all accounts, to be indistinguishable, and they really do share numerous comparable elements. For instance, they’re both built from modern grade manufactured materials, making them a more grounded option in contrast to regular fiber ropes, and they’re both impervious to UV beams, scraped area and decay.

Yet, there are a few vital contrasts between the two, which make them either more reasonable or less appropriate for specific positions.

Differences among nylon and polyester


Nylon has an elevated degree of adaptability. Whenever fundamental, it’s feasible to extend nylon rope by up to 20% without influencing its solidarity – and it will essentially get back to its unique size subsequently. This makes it especially great when you really want the rope to be more shock permeable, for example, towing or securing.

Conversely, polyester just stretches by around 10% under tension, so it’s especially appropriate for low-stress uses, for example, flagpoles, straps and so on.


Both nylon rope  and polyester sink in water, nonetheless, they vary extraordinarily concerning their retentiveness.

In spite of the fact that nylon rope is ordinarily extremely impressive it assimilates fluid rapidly and effectively, and this undermines its solidarity fundamentally. The strands become waterlogged and begin to hang. They additionally consume most of the day to dry. In this way, nylon isn’t the most ideal choice for wet circumstances.

Polyester ropes, then again, don’t ingest water. They hold their typical degree of solidarity when they’re wet and, thus, they are a superior decision for marine applications.

Temperature obstruction

One more significant contrast among nylon and polyester is their protection from heat. Nylon rope can’t endure heat so well and will start to corrupt at 210°C. Polyester, notwithstanding, has a high dissolving point of 260°C, normally a superior decision in outrageous temperatures is as well.

Which is the ideal choice for me – nylon or polyester?

Nylon rope is probably going to be the ideal choice when you really want a rope to extend a bit and return to its unique length, or be more shock permeable, however for most different applications we will generally suggest polyester rope. It’s similarly pretty much as solid and sturdy as nylon, yet has some of extra advantages, like low water receptiveness and high temperature-opposition). Truth be told, many individuals trust that assuming polyester had been developed first, there would have been compelling reason need to concoct nylon. It’s frequently less expensive to purchase, has comparative execution to nylon and is a decent all-rounder: ideal for a wide scope of purposes.

Around here at Vivens, we Nylon Rope Suppliers In Dubai, UAE stock nylon rope and, as specialists in our field, we know the novel properties and advantages of each. So in the event that you might want to find out about the distinctions between the two – or need custom-made counsel on the most ideal choice for your requirements – you’re free to reach out whenever. We’re generally satisfied to help and will happily point you in the correct heading.


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