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What to do When You Are Accused of a Crime You Did Not Commit

What to do When You Are Accused of a Crime You Did Not Commit

Nobody likes to be falsely accused of a crime they did not commit. Criminal accusations lead to real consequences, which is why one should have a contingency plan ready to deal with when they are hit with a situation where they are being falsely accused of something they never did in the first place.

False accusations can occur anywhere, including assault, sexual harassment, and the accusation of domestic violence.

Suppose you are falsely accused of something you never did – never make the mistake of blindly believing that the truth will come out in the end – which is why countless people get falsely accused and incarcerated yearly.

Here is what you want to do when dealing with false criminal accusations.

Don’t Argue

Our natural response to false accusations is to fight back and argue the case by defending ourselves – however, when it comes to criminal accusations, it would be wiser to have a more logical approach instead of giving in to impulses.

Arguing and fighting back will only give the other side more evidence against you. Just remember the golden rule of silence – you don’t want to give away anything that the other party can use against you.

Your best friend during such times is only a professional lawyer from the criminal defense legal services. They are the only people you are supposed to be talking to.

Don’t Resist the Police

The last thing you will want to do is allow the police to accuse you of the charge of “resisting arrest.” That said, if you find yourself in a situation where the police insist on arresting you, allow them to arrest you by cooperating with them.

By resisting the arrest, you will only result in an “add-on” that can be used against you in court later.

Hire a Lawyer

Now the first thing you want to do right away – after you have faced criminal accusations and been arrested – is consulting with a lawyer. Hire a lawyer as the professional is in the best profession to take your case and defend your position in court.

As mentioned, many people make the mistake of trying to go to court alone and clear one’s name, knowing they haven’t done anything wrong. But – if the other party has a lawyer, it can make you look weak as you will be on your own – without knowing anything about how the law and the court work – to defend yourself.

Your attorney will be in the best position to understand what is going on from a legal perspective. The lawyer will also ensure that you get due compensation – including compensation for defamation.

Find Witnesses

After hiring an attorney, you will work with your attorney to devise a strategy that will benefit you in court. The strategy will start with gathering evidence and finding witnesses to support your innocence.

Gathering evidence is crucial as you will have to prove to the court that your stance is clear and that the accusations against you are indeed baseless.


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