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What to expect in an asbestos abatement process

What to expect in an asbestos abatement process

Since the passage of the Toxic substances control Act of 1976, there has been a reduction in the use of asbestos in the United States. By 2002, asbestos had stopped being mined altogether.

Despite being used as a building material in the 1900s, asbestos is now a toxic material meant to be cleaned and removed from anywhere it is noticed. Whether it is in a factory, house or business place, everyone close to it risks having respiratory tract and lung diseases among others.

Do you suspect an asbestos-containing building material at your home or workplace? Here are the few steps in the abatement process you can expect.

●    Inspection

This is the first step in every asbestos abatement process. When you notice an asbestos-containing building material, then you need to reach out to an industrial hygiene firm. This firm provides you with a licensed inspector who would come down to either debunk or confirm your claims.

If your claim is confirmed, then you might have asbestos abatement to plan for. If it’s debunked then you can go about your daily business.

●    Making a plan

After inspection, the licensed inspector maps out a laid plan on how to remove the asbestos-containing building material from the area. In this plan, details of how much the asbestos is, how long the process would take and all the things needed for the process would be included. After this is concluded, an asbestos abatement company in New York is invited to proceed to the next step.

●     Demarcation

Once the plan is set, the asbestos abatement company in New York would proceed to demarcate the area. This is done to contain every form of pollution that may result from the process. Also, the area is restricted to everyone except the cleaning professionals.

In addition to these, the area is sealed using protective lining which keeps air from going in and out.

●    Removal of material

After the place is all set up, sealed and demarcated the material is removed using waste disposal bags designed to keep it sealed and contained. This is done by professionals who have been trained to remove toxic substances from affected areas. Most times, you would see these professionals dressed in protective gear and respirators to protect themselves.

 This process might take a while as it has to be thorough and efficient. After removing the material, the cleaning professionals would proceed to a designated decontamination area to have a shower and exit the area with the toxic substance.

Then the substance is disposed of according to the laws of the state.

●    Removal of polluted air

After the removal of the asbestos-containing building material, the air, water mitigation and Mold remediation clean up up services in queens are invited to do a clean-up of the area. Polluted air, water and other materials are removed using sophisticated cleaning equipment. Ideally, all non-professionals are expected to stay away from the polluted area until a routine check is done.

●    A final routine check

After the removal of polluted air, a final routine check is done by the industrial hygiene firm to confirm that everything laid out in the plan has been completed. Also, clearance documents are gotten and copies of the inspection, cleaning and after-cleaning results are kept for record purposes.

How to spot a company that offers asbestos abatement services

Most companies, that offer asbestos abatement services are cleaning companies which are sometimes involved in homicide-suicide unattended death decomposition cleaning up services in New York, water mitigation and mold remediation cleanup up services in queens and many more .

Any cleaning company can be asked for asbestos abatement services. However, you should know that not all cleaning companies offer asbestos abatement services.

Also, to find the right company, you can simply check the internet for recommendations or ask friends and family for recommendations.


Asbestos has been labelled as a toxic substance that causes severe respiratory diseases in humans. Wherever you suspect the presence of this harmful substance, stay away from the area and place a call to an industrial hygiene firm around you.

Note: You should never attempt to get rid of this harmful material yourself.


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