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What to Know About West Palm Beach?

What to Know About West Palm Beach?

If you’re considering relocating to South Palm Beach, it won’t be difficult for you to adapt to your new tropical lifestyle. South Palm Beach Florida, sometimes known as the Orchid City, is situated just over the Intracoastal Waterway from Palm Beach and north of Delray Beach and Boca Raton Country Club, so you’ll be right next to the opulence of the country’s super-rich.

For individuals who wish to experience the southern shore while also exploring beautiful art and delectable cuisine, WPB is the right place to live. The city is the ideal fusion of small-town charm and big-city flare thanks to its closeness to other urban centers, drawing a range of businesses as well as an increase in the number of remote workers in recent years.

Look no further if you’re curious about what life is like in South Palm Beach, Florida. As this journey explores, learn why so many individuals chose this colorful paradise:

  • Unique neighborhoods and communities
  • Vibrant arts community
  • Excellent cuisine
  • Recreational hub
  • Opportunities and affordability

Unique neighborhoods and communities

The city of South Palm Beach, Florida, is continually growing. The urban population has increased by 11.2 percent merely in the last ten years. As a result of the area’s expanding population, the employment market is being overrun by young professionals.

However, unlike other South Florida communities, SPB is not solely a retirement haven. Although there are many senior living alternatives available, many young professionals are living in this urban area. With the inflow of new businesses, the city also just spent $30 million revitalizing the downtown waterfront, including a new performance theatre and community gardens.

South Palm Beach residents have a tone of entertaining activities to choose from. If you’re ready to endure the Florida summer heat, you can easily explore the city’s neighborhoods and districts on foot thanks to several walking boulevards and bike lanes.

Each homeowner may find an inexpensive place to live in one of the communities’ mixtures of new and old homes. A few of the city’s well-liked neighborhoods are:

Flamingo Park: This historic quarter, located directly on the Intracoastal Waterway, is one of the nicest in the city. The bike paths in Flamingo Park are just a few minutes from Clematis Street and the downtown West Palm Beach neighborhood.

Downtown:  If you don’t mind noise and want to be in the thick of things, downtown near Rosemary Square is the place to be. You can shop, catch a performance, and enjoy the nightlife right on your doorstep if you live here.

Historic Northwood: The Northwood historical neighborhood is quickly becoming a popular destination for young professionals in Palm Beach County. This area is revitalizing, with new dining clubs, art galleries, and popular restaurants sprouting up along its main boulevard. If you want to live in a stylish neighborhood, Northwood is the place to be.

Grandview Heights: Grandview Heights is a neighborhood located directly south of Cityplace. It’s close to attractions like Howard Park and the Norton Museum of Art, but it’s a little calmer than living in downtown West Palm Beach, FL. This hamlet, another historic area, is one of SPB’s oldest and best-kept secrets.

Vibrant arts community

When you think about creative centers, you may think of New York City or Los Angeles. Despite its small size, West Palm Beach, FL, boasts a flourishing art scene. You’ll discover museums, concert halls, and galleries here that showcase some of the country’s top performances and artists.

Excellent food and nightlife

Palm Beach’s influence has had a profound effect on the downtown area. Wealthy elites are increasingly working in the city’s skyscrapers, generating new demand for after-work drinks and expensive dives.

This implies that there will be no lack of appealing clubs, pubs, and restaurants across the city. Cityplace and Clematis Avenue are two noteworthy neighborhoods with walking attractions. Locals are aware that WPB is a popular tourist destination. In other words, even at the local dives, you can expect to run across out-of-towners.

Recreational hub

With the Intracoastal Waterway spanning the city’s coast, Orchid City locals can enjoy an abundance of waterfront activities. The Waterfront offers:

Boat tours to Peanut Island

Jet skiing




Plus, in March, thousands of boats from around the world fill the waterfront for the must-see Palm Beach International Boat Show.

This South Florida city is also a sports destination. Every February, the Honda Classic at the PGA National Resort & Spa attracts a significant throng of golf fans. Locals may attend spring training for Major League Baseball clubs such as the St. Louis Cardinals, Miami Marlins, and Houston Astros at stadiums in the city and adjacent suburbs during February and March.

Music fans will find plenty to like here as well. SunFest, a massive waterfront music event that attracts 275,000 people every April, is held in the city.

Furthermore, this well-called location would be incomplete without its main draw: beaches! Sandy beaches like John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, Lake Worth Beach, Juno Beach, and Palm Beach are popular with residents who spend their afternoons and weekends at the beach.

With so many activities in the neighborhood, it’s difficult to fathom running out of things to do while living in town.

Opportunities and affordability

A lot of jobs in Palm Beach County are in the tourism and hospitality industry, which is not a secret. Don’t let that stop you from going. In the area, big companies like Microsoft and a wide range of jobs in the medical, aviation, coding, and technology fields are among the most well-known employers.

Want to know how much life costs in West Palm Beach? The average price of a two-bedroom apartment in the city is $1,434, and this average price goes up every year. Reports from the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority say that new developments are focusing on making more apartments close enough to downtown, commercial, and recreational sites that people can walk there.


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